Aries Sun Aquarius Rising

With an “all for one and one for all” attitude, Arians with Aquarius rising are “on deck, at attention” team players, genuinely well liked and often quite popular among their peers. Their friendly magnetism keeps them completely connected and in good favor. They’re often on the city council or wearing a uniform of some kind, in service to the community with their friendly demeanor coupled with a natural straightforwardness. They’re inclined toward big projects requiring technical aptitude, and their Big Attitude Aquarius might put them directly in the fire-truck driver’s seat, the airplane cockpit, or at the ship’s helm. They’ve always read the manual from cover to cover. And they’re alert and prepared for any emergency—they know each team member’s proper position and the location of the necessary tools to get the job done. When the crap hits the fan, they’re Johnny-on-the-spot, a cool head in the face of danger. No one shouts “This is no drill!” as formidably as these people do.

However, Aries’ ego and impulsiveness can stoke the snarly, stressed-out, chip on the shoulder, argumentative downside of Aquarius, the Electric Light Bulb. Yes, their fearless nature and soldier’s spirit serve them well when the platoon is under fire, and they’re indispensable when the smoke is billowing from a neighbor’s house, or when the barbarians storm the city gates; it’s their inner tension that equips them to take the ball and run with it, narrowly averting whatever tragedy is at hand. But inevitably they carry their stressful demeanor into less trying situations.

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