Aries sun Cancer Moon

Both Cancer and Aries are “cardinal” signs which means they each like to initiate things albeit in very different ways. Cancer Sun likes to initiate when it comes to feeding the emotions, Aries Moon like to initiate when it comes to starting the fights. With the masculine side of the psyche (the Sun) in the most feminine sign (Cancer) and feminine side of the psyche (the Moon) in the most masculine sign (Aries), this pairing can have trouble deciding if its theme song is “Dear Mama” by Tupac Shakur or “Raising Hell” by Run DMC. Cancer is the most maternal sign but also the most moody. Aries is the most enthusiastic but also the most combative. Pair the two together and you get a very combustible emotional ecosystem, one that alternates between scalding hot and soothingly warm.

When it gets firing on all cylinders Cancer Sun, Aries Moon can be a very potent combination. Fill a cast iron pot with the feminine emotionality of Cancerian water, heat it with the masculine bravado of Aries fire and the result can be likened to a steam powered locomotive barreling down the tracks at full speed, whistles and horns blasting all the way.

At its best the Cancer Sun, Aries Moon individual will be caring yet courageous, emotionally sensitive yet extremely enterprising, with a shy disposition that belies near superhuman levels of energy. Astrologer Sue Tompkins says this combination is excellent for fighting on behalf of children or housing issues. (Source) Imagine Superman bottle feeding a baby or Wonder Woman running an orphanage and you’ll have a pretty good idea of how this combination’s modus operandi once it reconciles the feminine (Cancer) and masculine (Aries) sides of its psyche.

Mixed Martial Arts superstar Bobby Lashley is a Cancer Sun, Aries Moon and about as close a real life example of “Superman bottle feeding a baby” as you’re likely to find. (Chart) A collegiate wrestling champion in the mid-1990s, Lashley spent a few years as a professional (choreographed) wrestler before moving into the world of professional cage fighting. He now runs a Denver Colorado gym where he trains children in the martial arts. Fast forward to :49 for a great example of somebody whose combined a Cancer Sun’s nurturing capabilities with an Aries Moon’s instincts for competition.

Cancer Sun, Aries Moon: A Superman Complex, Sense of Defensiveness

At its highest expression, Cancer Sun, Aries Moon is the pairing of “the heroic spirit” who “goes to the mat” for a cause. There are, however, downsides to being so heroic all the time. Astrologer Jefferson Anderson warns of the Cancer Sun, Aries Moon individual’s propensity for burnout and breakdown:

It’s not easy to live up to that Superman or Wonder Woman self-image of yours. Self acceptance is the key to many of the problems you encounter. It’s nearly impossible to meet all the goals you will set for yourself, so stop racing around risking heart attack and nervous breakdown

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