Aries Sun Cancer Moon

Well, there’s no doubt about it – you are sensitive, extremely sensitive – and extremely capable. You have a good deal of pride in your own ability, a sort of determination to live up to the best that is in you in a personal and artistic way. This is one of the positions that makes for both artists and executives, students and doers at the same time, for your intellectual powers are strong and are bolstered up still further by an intuitive understanding of both people and things. You know how to catch the imagination of your audience, however broad or narrow it may be, without giving up any least iota of your own individualism, which is peculiarly precious to you. You have a keen social sense and a sense of the dramatic, which makes you lively company when you’re in the mood.

You are much subject to moods and can change from sprightly gayety to pretty heavy dejection, all in the twinkling of an eyelash. You know how to manage people to your own ends, which, if the truth can be known, do not always coincide with the ends of other people. There’s a good deal of selfishness here – perhaps not selfishness so much as self-centeredness. You know well enough what will make other people happy, but you are more likely than not to give your own whims precedence over the needs of other people – at the same time that you are able to make them think that you are really the best and most considerate of souls. You wouldn’t willfully hurt a fly, but, on the other hand, it seems as if you frequently do hurt people without understanding that you are doing so.

You have a keen sense of the dramatic and could therefore be successful either directly on the stage, as an actor, or in related arts and crafts that deal with drama through the spoken or written word. You are extremely fluent both in speech and writing, with a wit and charm to your manner of expression that make you popular. You give the impression of independence, originality, and dash, even when you’re internally quavering at your own daring and wondering how you are mustering up the courage to appear so exciting.
You love your home and all things connected with it despite the fact that this position often brings obligations from family ties that are far from appealing. You are able, through will power, to work out your intimate personal problems, but in the working out there may be a good deal of self-dramatization which impedes the progress of your rational solution. You should learn, for your greatest success, not to take yourself too seriously in your personal life; and to transfer your dramatic sense and your energy into the outer world where your natural talents will find a public, and a just reward.

Grant Lewi

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