Aries Sun Cancer Rising

Now here’s a switch: a cautious ram with a practical purpose, avoiding rejection as a matter of course, less direct and more cagey, but still “busy dizzy” much of the time.

Until they’re inspired by their Aries fire, these people use caution in all their dealings. But once they’re sure of the situation, they bound off and take the lead with their high-stepping Aries enthusiasm. With Cancer’s sense of utility adorning Aries’ energy, you get a willing worker with a buzz saw mentality, always willing to do what’s expected, no matter what. But their Arian efficiency comes with a cautiously sensitive and human touch. Their Cautious Cancer personality is wonderfully plugged in to others’ emotions. They’re so keenly sensitive that they can deal with people in an unobtrusive, yet useful and effective way. Even when their Aries egotism flares and their impatient honesty speaks bluntly, these Arians usually avoid giving offense due to the couth provided by their Cancer sensitivity. Vocationally they’re well-suited for work in most public places, particularly retail establishments or restaurants, but they also succeed as apartment managers or realtors. They’re superb overseers, but their employees better wear some comfortable shoes—there’s a workaholic mentality here that’s never afraid to tackle big jobs, work long hours, and accept schedules that others might find intolerable.

Because Aries and Cancer are both active signs, the Cancer personality complements the Aries ego quite well, but certain Cancer elements, especially that reticent emotional nature, have to be acknowledged and contained to keep these people from succumbing to a pretentious, busybody attitude. Deception never benefited honest Aries, but it’s always an easy insincerity for willowy, womanly Cancer. Remember, Cancer is naturally cagey.

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