Aries Sun Capricorn Moon

You have that inner drive of ambition that makes almost inevitably for success. You’re a hard person to get the better of, for you know your own mind and have definite ideas of where you’re going and how you’re going to get there and you let nothing stand in your way. No matter how sweet and gracious you may be, and there’s every chance that you are, at least when you want to be – there’s a hard underlying foundation of rock in your nature that does not get shaken and does not yield to blandishment. You’re an excellent business person, an executive capable of ruling others.

You seem to know the laws of the conservation of energy and to be able to take all the pep, energy, enthusiasm, and magnetism of your makeup and put it into constructive action through the power of a rigidly controlled personality. Your manner of expression is forceful without being offensive; you seem to know instinctively the right way to say the right thing at the right time and powerful people will help you at the beginning of your life as you will help others at the end.

One or both parents is likely to mean a great deal to you both psychologically and materially.

will be able to go far under your own power, especially after you have shaken loose from family ties and got out on your own. You should do this early in life and not allow family complications to hold you back. Independence is your crying need, and only when freed of the ties of your mother’s or father’s home will you achieve your maximum success.

Fame is important to you – recognition the lodestar of your life; you are extremely worldly; your idealism is of a practical and hard-boiled variety, and you are capable of sacrificing a good deal to success – and of getting it. Although this is a position for a happy marriage, it is not one in which marriage is likely to be the beginning and the end of existence by any means. It is more an incident, and as often as not people with this configuration are found in marriages of convenience rather than of romance – which doesn’t mean, of course, that they don’t make excellent husbands and wives. There’s a practical common sense about you that makes up for a lack of demonstrativeness.

You have good sound intellectual equipment which you put to practical use. Abstract knowledge or knowledge for its own sake is of no especial importance to you, though you are an apt, even exceptional student. But your bent is too practical for the abstractions of intellect, and your mind serves the purposes of the world rather than any detached purposes of its own. This leads to various types of careers according to other indications, but in any case the career’s the thing, to which emotional and mental matters become subordinated. You are an opportunist and can take advantage of things as they arise as well as create your own opportunities.

All in all, this is a very powerful and dynamic position.

Grant Lewi

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