Aries Sun Capricorn Rising

Arians with Capricorn rising are ship-shape, by-the-book, and disciplined, the trusted “keeper of the keys.” They’re never the mouse at play while the cat’s away; they won’t leave early when the boss is out of town. They’re competitive hard-bodies not only in their attitude, but sometimes physically, as well. And it’s a bit difficult to know how much sensitivity exists here. They’re awfully ambitious and accomplishment-oriented, and their hands-on management style equips them to run businesses of any type. Long hours usually don’t faze them, and they love to be on the move. They’re active in the home and with family, too, but hopefully they don’t take their parenting so seriously that they run their household like an Army barracks. They’re just so thorough and in charge! Yes, these folks are good moms and dads, and wonderful organizers, but they’re born slave drivers for any “business is business” purpose.

Some of the best qualities of both Aries and Capricorn can, in tandem, actually cause difficulties. The Wise Old Goat is quite capable of accomplishing great things, but these people need to avoid letting their strengths become their weaknesses. Building on their loyal, diligent, and respectful behavior serves them wonderfully through life; it reveals them as incomparably dependable and earns them the seat of authority. Their instinct is to be visibly fair and equitable with the responsibility of leadership. Both the Aries Rocky Mountain bighorn and the Capricorn mountain goat are ambitious high climbers and know how to watch their step so as not to stumble and fall. They wisely calculate their moves and pick and choose their path to success and recognition. If they’ll compete only with themselves rather than others, they’ll earn the support they need to get what they want and do the best job imaginable in one fell swoop.

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