Aries Sun Gemini Moon

This is one of the most talkative positions in the entire Zodiac. You have to learn to keep things to yourself at least until you’ve made up your own mind, which you don’t find easy to do. Concentration is not your strong point, and you seem to feel that by sitting down and talking about it everything will be made manifest and clear and your course of action laid out for you. This somehow fails to work. Your best way to success is to learn, and practice, the art of secrecy; go off in a corner with your problems, and fight them out with yourself before you take the world and his wife into your confidence. And speaking of the world and his wife, you are extremely fond of the details of their lives and like to talk them over with all and sundry. You have a keen sense of news values – which may not be so pleasant to those of your friends who want to keep certain matters in the dark. This is all well and good so long as no one is hurt, but you are likely to have a pretty sharp tongue in spite of your good intentions, and to barb your quips and rumors so that they stick. Just be careful that they don’t turn around on you and come back flying in your face.

Naturally, with your keen intellectual endowments, your facile manner of expression, and your delight in drama, news, and romance, you should make your career along one of these lines: writer, speaker, actor, advertising – anything that deals with the written or spoken word. You have a sort of hankering to be an executive, but this isn’t precisely your forte. You have a pretty shrewd business head which, applied in the literary world, ought to get you well paid for whatever you produce; for in spite of your sometimes jittery inability to make up your mind (which would hurt you as an executive) you have no trouble making up your mind about what you are worth in dollars and cents, and in getting it by hook or crook.

You are not exactly tactful, but you’re able to get what you want by a rapid flow of argument, logic, and reasons pro and con. You know all the answers and know also how to use them to your own advantage. You will talk (and write) your way through the world and make a lot of friends who will admire your glibness, your quickness, your wit, and your insight, which you are able so aptly to express.

Not a deep student, you are none the less likely to be, or to appear to be, the best informed person around, for you pick things up readily and glean odds and ends of knowledge as you go along, being able to haul them out at impressive moments. If you would apply this mental ability to concentrated study there is nothing in an intellectual way that you could not accomplish, but restlessness is likely to take you away from books and formal study and plunge you early into the active life of the world. You should try to overcome a certain superficiality with respect both to intellectual and emotional matters.

In a male horoscope this is likely to indicate either no marriage at all or more than one marriage. It rarely accompanies one marriage only. It indicates a clever and witty wife and a lot of fun and happiness through women.

Grant Lewi

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