Aries Sun Leo Moon

Romance and an adventuresome attitude combine to make your life interesting. You have a keen sense of both of these, and a certain loyalty and fixity of devotion and purpose that make you a good friend, a good sweetheart, and a good business person, despite the fact that you want your own way and pretty generally manage to get it. You love not only individuals but people as a whole, and people, feeling this, flock around you and fill your life with the pleasant contacts of friendship.

This intense social sense and social magnetism may make for a Great Lover sort of person – a Don Juan, or whatever the female of that is – and in any case the love element plays an important part in your life. You need love and affection and generally manage to get it.

This is furthermore a fine executive position, and you are able to manage affairs, both your own and those of others, to excellent advantage. You are expressive, even eloquent, and may have an exceptionally fine speaking voice. Ambition is keenly marked and assumes a personal form. You need success for the gratification of your inner regard for your own ability quite as much as for the plaudits of the world. This makes you a truly creative spirit, for you create out of a combination of the head and the heart which touches your work, whatever it may be, with fire, at the same time that its intellectual content loses nothing. You have a way of making your emotions and your instincts appear plausible and even inevitable, not only to yourself but to your world, with the satisfying result that people take you seriously, sensing the underlying soundness of your nature.

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