Aries Sun Leo Rising

Nobody else in the zodiac makes a bigger “early bird catches the worm” splash than Aries, and here it’s wrapped up in a warm, sunny, robust, big impression, Lordly Leo personality. Upbeat, springtime Aries’ positive, honest, and expedient character sets the stage beautifully for Leo’s “Stand aside, I’ll show you how to do this” attitude. These Arians leave a striking impression. They’re good at inspiring others and taking the lead on things. However, they’re not the best followers; they don’t like being told what to do. They’re naturally independent, and when it’s necessary to spend time in the underling’s chair, they’d better have a very long leash to satiate their restlessness. Arians with Leo rising are great promoters and fabulous entertainers. In fact, they’re usually entertaining, no matter their particular career. But their life’s work might lead them to promotional positions. They’re usually good salespeople, as long as they’re left alone to do things their way. Working out of town or on the road might well be their cup of tea—that is, if they can pull themselves away from their adoring family. Leo rising usually makes for an invested parent. They’re ideally equipped for starting a small business, although their Aries impatience might require them to hire someone else to do routine and tedious managerial tasks or lengthy inventories.

Leo’s magnanimous generosity is one of these people’s more endearing traits. They give freely of their time, consideration, and means. Leo’s fondness for children coupled with Aries’ competitiveness might lead them into coaching youth sports, although, ultimately, they’re a bit hard-driving and not so long-suffering, given their “do it right the first time” attitude.


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