Aries Sun Libra Moon

This is a curiously difficult position, presenting a problem between the emotional and mental natures. You are ambitious, eager to get ahead and anxious to please people, with a sort of personality that seems to reach out to others as if you are in need of support and guidance and affection from someone or from many people. Despite a nature which in many ways is highly individualized, you are strangely dependent on others – can be thrown off your balance by lack of sympathy, or by coldness, or hardness, or lack of consideration in those around you. This is odd of you because you are perfectly capable of ignoring the feelings, opinions, and wishes of others when you get a set idea in your head. You go ahead in spite of man, God, and the devil, let the chips fall where they may – and like as not they fall right back on you, to your great confusion.

You will undoubtedly be found in a professional or artistic, rather than in an executive career, but you have a hard time concentrating and a tendency to daydream is your besetting evil. You can give the appearance of concentration and of working to beat all get out, at the same time that your mind is millions of miles away.

You are likely to resort to all kinds of devices to accomplish concentration – and when you get it, be unable to do anything anyway. You have to bear in mind, in all things, that the solution to your problems is not to be found in other people or in your surroundings, but in yourself. Until such a time as you cease to look to the outer world for support, sympathy, and guidance and take yourself gently but firmly by the scruff of the neck and (to mix metaphors) look yourself squarely in the face, you are likely to waste your energies woefully.

Whether you’re merely a daydreamer, or think yourself inspired, or a medium, your surest recipe for success is to plant your feet solidly on terra firma, look into your own nature with infinite detachment, and determine how you and the world in which you find yourself may be brought realistically and constructively into contact with each other. A sort of romantic belief in yourself, unaccompanied by action, makes it likely that you will not develop to the highest point, while romantic matters tending to go awry further confuse your mind by introducing a note of frustration. You’ll do best to avoid romance as much as possible. Get your love life settled early and then forget it; learn to take these matters more for granted, less dramatically – for if you don’t your life is likely to be one continuous drama in which you, as the leading character, will not be able to find time for anything of material consequence.

A certain facility for poetry accompanies this position but only in the presence of rigid intellectual training can this be made constructive and progressive. Though your tendency is to the arts, you will make greater progress along more material lines, such as business, in which you will have to force yourself to think things out straight and true, and where perforce you will have to swallow that inspirational lump that keeps rising in your throat. Stick to the facts, and the Great Principles will take care of themselves.

Grant Lewi

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