Aries Sun Libra Rising

When Aries’ innate charm is accompanied by Likable Libra’s polite, considerate nature, we get a person with superb people skills, much beloved by others. For Arians with Libra rising, the social aspects of life should provide warm rewards and pose few problems. They interact superbly with their peers and colleagues, giving meaningful attention to what others have to say. So they flourish in partnerships of any kind. They’re natural deal-makers. They’re highly effective politicians and successful lawyers. Whatever they put their hand to, they possess the skills to make it work. But the hallmarks of these people’s success are “one hand washes the other” relationships and smooth networking. It’s not always what they know, but who they know, that brings them their next inspiring opportunity. They might even experience “chance” meetings that provoke a first-impression affinity or even a feeling of instantaneous recognition. It’s not uncommon for people born around sundown to feel as though they know another person upon first meeting.

However, that’s not to say that Arians born around sundown are without weaknesses. Certain Libran tendencies can undermine some of the best Aries qualities. Their Libra personality can lean towards a paralyzing indecisiveness that’s much at odds with Aries’ need to get on with it. For instance, they might find themselves facing a deadline but lacking confidence in their associates, leading them to uncertainty and vacillation; and in the end, their Aries need for action will eventually cause them to succumb to the “do it yourself” syndrome. This can actually limit their effectiveness by increasing the risk of overload. So whom they align themselves with in their life is unusually important and influential to their destiny.

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