Aries Sun Pisces Moon

You brood and you worry; you’re moody and temperamental. You give a great impression of force, but internally you’re a little timid, a little afraid of the world and even of your own opinions. You’re likely to be imposed upon through this lack of inner conviction, although you bitterly resent being imposed upon. You express readily, having a facile flow of language, and you have a conviction that you know the truth of many matters which for some reason or other you cannot get across to your associates. This is a Cassandra-like position – a prophet who is very likely to be right but can’t make anyone believe him.

Despite your apparent vitality, you’re likely to worry about your health far more than it warrants – and by worry you run the risk of actually producing, through nerves, the sort of physical difficulties you fear. Bold as a lion on the surface, you aren’t nearly so bold underneath, for you’re highly sensitive and afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing. Solitude is periodically necessary to you, and you can regain strength and self-confidence in private. Large gatherings of people are more likely than not to irritate and annoy you; and you are capable of going into a brown (or black) study in the midst of a laughing throng. There’s a liberal dose of introspection here, and also of self-pity and many of your troubles are self-created. You have some difficulty concentrating, and even when environmental conditions are of the best may find yourself not devoted to the task in hand but brooding or dreaming.

Emotionally you are impressionable and run to odd people. You’re likely to bestow your affections quite foolishly, or on some unworthy person, and then to be sorry for yourself instead of making the best of it. In a man’s horoscope this may give a wife who is chronically ill; in a woman’s horoscope it is not good for her health and warns her against trying to live up to the maximum of what she thinks her vitality to be – also against creating physical trouble through nerves and worry.

Your best and most congenial career will be found in something of a highly personal nature such as music, art, poetry, writing – the creative arts – in which your inspirational and brooding tendencies may be harnessed to your energy. You have a broad and deep understanding of many complex matters, and once you have mastered a medium of expression, can catch the hearer’s, or the reader’s, imagination with the somewhat unusual quality of your viewpoint and style. You are not likely to be happy in business though you might be successful.

In any case, this is a highly charitable position, and if you have money under it, you are a philanthropist in the true sense of the word. Even if you haven’t much, you tend to give a good deal of it away.

Grant Lewi

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