Aries Sun Scorpio Rising

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Buckle up if you intend to ride along with these people, because they’re always on the move! Aries’ impulsiveness is accentuated by “full of gusto,” “do it now and think about it later,” “grab the handle and break it” Scorpio. These are the two most active, energetic signs in the zodiac, and the only two signs ruled by red hot, horny, handy Mars! But Scorpio does a much better job at “look before you leap” than Aries does. Mysterious Scorpio always looks for what’s not obvious to others, so these Arians are usually more deliberate and strategic in their purpose. Adept at reading other people’s motives, and not so given to letting the cat out of the bag, Arians with Scorpio rising are ready enough with information that others truly need to get the job done—but they work on a “need to know” basis. They’re not likely to say more than is necessary, and they certainly won’t divulge any secrets.

As extremely energetic as Scorpio tends to be, the Aries susceptibility to a “busy dizzy” lifestyle is increased in this combination. To ensure direction and moderation instead of purely helter-skelter physical behavior, Arians born early evening need to remind themselves that spring always follows winter, and that all things in due time is, simply put, the way of the world. Some earthly wisdom can ease their load, bolster their optimism, and certainly improve their effectiveness. Much of their frenetic behavior is the result of anxieties about idleness rather than positive inspiration. They’re too enamored by behavior; they believe being sedentary is downright sinful. So maybe they should take a lesson from nature: Even a twitchy squirrel finds a moment to sit still in the sunshine once he’s gathered food and procreated.

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