Aries Sun Taurus Moon

You are one of those tactful and forceful people who manage to do pretty much as they please and get away with it. Your energy, vitality, independence, and magnetism operate under the aegis of a certain charm, reserve, and poise that stabilizes your position, even in the face of enmity and opposition. You can hardly go through life without making enemies, and perhaps very important and powerful enemies at that, but unless other things are very bad in your horoscope, you will always manage to come out at the right end of a quarrel, or at least be able to go on and leave your enemies trailing in the dust.

You are not exactly magnanimous: you are a strong and implacable fighter and give no quarter; but you are too intent on your own problems and ambitions to worry about revenge. You have an acute business sense, and although your artistic and intellectual leanings may lead you into pursuits that are not ordinarily supposed to be remunerative, you are more likely than not to feather your nest pretty well even in the service of the muses. Your best place in life would be an executive one, in charge of some artistic or intellectual project, for you are a manager as well as a creator.

You have a curious way of appearing tactful even when you are laying down the law or insisting on your own way, and you are pretty likely to get what you want out of people and make them like it. If they don’t like it, that’s too bad. You are somewhat considerate of others, but, more than this, you have a way of making people think you are being considerate of them when you are doing exactly as you jolly well please. To more dependent sorts of people, this makes you seem not exactly hard-boiled but a little detached from ordinary human frailty; even your weaknesses have a sort of air about them, as if you could overcome them if you wanted to but don’t think it’s worth the trouble.

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