Aries Sun Taurus Rising

Aries the ram teams up with Taurus the patient beast of burden! These people have all the directness of Aries born around dawn, but they’re much more intense, deliberate, focused, and determined. They’re much more willing to sit in the boss’s chair and stay there; they actively earn their way and patiently wait for him to leave. The ram and the bull are pretty good complements, though Arians with other birth times will be better at “lighten up and move along.” This combination does need to avoid heavy-handed overkill. But the patience of Taurus, the Banker, can actually mitigate these people’s Action Aries restlessness. These folks are better equipped to accept sedentary roles, and they’re usually more patient and determined. But hopefully that doesn’t mean they’re listless or immobile. Their Taurus personalities do a lot of serious deliberation, yet they usually get things done effectively and efficiently They might paint the entire house unnoticed, leaving others to wonder, “How the heck did they do that!?” The answer is their blend of Aries expedience and Taurus “cut the bull.” They don’t waste time with non-essentials as much as other Aries types. They’re sometimes drawn to banking, accounting, and other fields where they can keep their eye on the bottom line; they find satisfaction in keeping track of things, particularly material things. And with Taurus rising, they sometimes prefer a mouthy microphone, where they can use their articulate voice to display and popularize their charming Aries ego. The fearless bull overcomes stage fright pretty quickly.

At their best, Arians with Taurus rising can be extremely generous, showing their affection with material gifts: money, a meal, or a tasteful keepsake. They have an unusually warm touch.

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