Aries Sun Virgo Rising

When helpful, productive, intelligent Virgo teams up with take-the-initiative Aries, a great troubleshooter emerges. These quick-minded, clever “Johnny-on-the-spot” types track down problems and put out fires, with little to no spirit of self-importance-unless you question their intelligence! They’re extremely competent if anything needs to be counted, sorted, or stored in an expedient and orderly fashion.

Virgo is keenly aware of detail. Vocationally, these Arians are splendid merchandisers, wizards at inventory control, and fabulous accountants. They take naturally to the department store and might also gravitate towards medical professions or precision carpentry. But whatever the field, it’s the proclivity toward analyzing, diagnosing, and making corrections that drives them. They’re genuine Mr. Fix Its!

However, these Arians do need to keep a close eye on their insecure Virgo, the Worry Wart. Virgo’s analytical nature can degenerate into pickiness. So they focus too tightly on inconsequential matters, fussing over semantics, criticizing the insignificant, or announcing some blinding skepticism subconsciously designed to allow them to believe whatever they prefer, never mind reality. They feel this allows them to hide under a cloak of confusion, disclaiming responsibility for anything and everything.

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