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Aries, The Ram

Fire, Cardinal Sign
Aries Ruler: Mars
Season: Spring
1st Sign of Zodiac

Keywords: active, initiating, leading, independent, aggressive, impatient, combative, energetic, pioneering, naive, assertive

Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, is the sign of new beginnings. The Arian’s present life indicates a new cycle in his personal evolutionary development. Arians are aggressive and direct in expressing themselves. The key phrase for Aries is “I am.”

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Arians are full of creative energy and enthusiasm and they initiate new activities, which keep them occupied until the novelty wears off. The more highly evolved Arian types possess great willpower, spiritual self-confidence, and regenerative ability.

The period of Aries’s influence begins around the twenty-first of March and ends about April 19. At this time, the first month of spring, the shoots of the plants are just beginning to rise out of the moist earth and the buds have just appeared on the trees. All of the plant kingdom is pregnant with the life-force which has lain dormant in winter, storing up the life energy it will need for the blossoming of the flowers, vegetables, and other flora.

The animals, feeling the force of the creative, spring sunlight, come out of their winter hibernation while the flocks and herds give birth to, or prepare for, their newborn. In the Human Kingdom, men and women begin to feel the procreative power within and desire to start new romantic relationships. or rekindle the old ones. Spring and all its vibrations of life will come into its full force in Taurus when the green of the leaves colors the Earth.

Aries, therefore, represents that portion of the yearly cycle which contains all of the latent force of the previous year, and with it as a basis gives birth anew to everything in nature. Aries is the resurrection of life.

Plants ruled by Aries: Radish, rhubarb, peppers, garlic, hemp, poppies, broom, holly, thistle, nettles, onions, dock, fern, and mustard.

Stones and gems ruled by Aries: Bloodstone, firestone, ocher, brimstone, diamond, and all minerals of a reddish hue.

Alan Oken

A message from ancient Rome:

“Aries is the house of Ares, a masculine zoidion, tropical, terrestrial, authoritative, fiery, free, ascending, semi-vocal, good, changeable, administrative, public, civic, unprolific, servile, Midheaven of the cosmos and cause of repute, two-colored (since the Sun and the Moon make leprosies), skin-eruptions; it is also unconnected, a place for eclipses.

Those who are born in this zoidion in accordance with the rulership relation, then, will be bright, notable, commanding, just, with a hatred of knaves, free, authoritative, bold in purpose, braggarts, great-souled, inconstant, irregular, haughty, up-in-the-air, threatening, quickly changing, well-off. When the rulers are well situated and testified to by benefics, the natives become kingly, powerful, and have the power of life and death.”

Vettius Valens (February 8, 120 – c. 175)

The best aries: courageous and bold inspirational to others; intuitive and perceptive; always takes the initiative; direct and decisive; likes to lead others out of darkness!

…and the worst: foolhardy and a zealot; egotistic show of bravado oblivious to all thoughts but own acts without forethought; lacks all subtlety; opinionated; uses others exclusively in self-interest.

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