Cancer Child

Are you the proud parent of a Cancerian child? If yes, then it’s better to be get used to his extreme mood swings. At times, his moods change with the changing hours. A Cancer child is very observant and whatever he sees, will remain etched in his memory forever. He is very emotional and lives in a world of his own, which may make him lonely at times. His face will always reflect myriad of emotions, some of which you will not be able to understand also. Home environment deeply affects a Cancerian baby.

He wants lots of emotional nurturing from his family. Infact, his personality will be very much influenced by the reactions of his family members to his traits. He is extremely shy to ask for your attention and love, so be sure to give him plenty without of hugs waiting for him to ask. Disapproval will hurt him deeply. In the initial years of their life, Cancer children are quite easy to manage as well as discipline. However, in adolescence, their characteristics profile may show a little bit of rebellion.

They have a vivid imagination and can keep themselves busy with imaginary people and things. Don’t stop a Cancerian child from letting his imagination run loose. It is one of his ways of getting over the wounds given by others. He is quite emotional, but he is also very independent and will hardly be one of the followers. If you ignore a Cancer baby for too long or say harsh words to him, he may go into the gloomy spell. Then, he will turn into a crybaby, who will keep to himself and find it difficult to form friendships and get close to people.

Never ever make the mistake of ignoring the sensitivity of a Cancerian child; it may hamper his emotional development. It is better to help him get over his numerous fears, with your love and care. Otherwise, he may turn into a snappy, brooding and bitter individual. The opposite can make him a tolerant, kind, self-assured and caring adult. Rain will make a Cancerian nostalgic and he might suddenly become a poet. However, thunder may frighten him. He is very creative and will need your appreciation to develop his potential in this field.

You will have to make him feel secure and loved every now an then, or else he may imagine that you are apathetic towards him. However, don’t give in to his each and every demand, else he may become extremely pampered and spoilt. Do give him a healthy spanking when he really needs it. As Cancer children grow older, they realize that world is not what they thought it to be. People are not like Mom and Dad at all, infact they are entirely opposite.

They realize that no one can care like the family and will become extremely devoted towards it. The creativity of a Cancer child may result in a trifle fight being described as a life or death situation. However, when a Cancer child is really hurt, he will most probably keep quiet and brood within. Even the slightest of teasing can make him feel miserable and force him to go deep inside that protective shell, which no one can pierce.

He is not the one to use his pocket money on useless things and then, demand more money. Infact, he will try to earn his own money by doing odd jobs, like babysitting, cutting the neighbor’s grass, etc. Cancerian child will always try to help people and will be kind towards animals too. He is always full of humor and has a contagious laugh. He may leave the home at a very tender age, but remember he will come back soon. After all, he still needs the love and care of his Mommy and Daddy!

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