Cancer Horoscope

Cancer (the Crab) is the fourth sign of the zodiac, the first of the water element, and one of the four cardinal signs which are synonymous with ambition and action. The idea of Cancer going headlong through life and embracing challenge seems rather incongruous when considering a crab that scuttles sideways, is rather fearful and often prefers the safety of its shell to venturing out. However, Cancer has tenacity and determination and, maybe a little more slowly than the other signs, will do whatever it takes to reach its goals. Expect to see a bit of subterfuge and canny negotiation: the Crab plays its cards very cleverly and it’s no surprise that Cancer is often considered to be the most misunderstood of the astrological signs. Cancer has not always been known as the Crab. The Babylonians called it the Tortoise, and later the Egyptians named it the Scarab. The key to all three is the shell which protects the vulnerable inner flesh, and all Cancerians possess that same strong carapace behind which they can hide.

Hera (the Mother goddess) awarded the crab its place in the heavens as a thank you present for biting Hercules. Hera was no fan of the giant and his labours and during the second of the twelve tasks (the slaying of the Hydra) the crab bit Hercules in the foot. Enraged, the giant trampled the gallant crustacean to death. Hera was so delighted to hear of the crab’s bravery that she granted it immortality and a place in the zodiac. Cancerians today still embody that same ability to nip and bite to great effect, although luckily it’s more on the emotional or verbal front than the physical. The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon and, just like the lunar waxing and waning, Cancerian men and women are subject to mood swings. They are certainly not highly volatile, but the Crab can be all optimism and joy one minute and retreating into its shell the next, pessimism and worry oozing from every pore. This is not a sign that looks for out and out battles unless, of course, it comes to protecting those it loves, and then there is nothing to match the potential damage that can be done with a claw.

Cancer comes very strongly from the heart and a large dose of intuition, neither of which should be underestimated. It’s highly sentimental, very loving and hugely sympathetic but there’s also a shrewd and sometimes calculating mind that knows exactly how to get what it wants. Anyone who thinks Cancer can be taken for a ride is making a big mistake. However, Cancer also manages to see problems that don’t exist and often works itself into an emotional frenzy over a complete illusion. This is the downside of the Crab’s wonderful imagination, which is marvellous for writers and creative artists, but not so great for rational thought and pragmatism. The Crab also likes to think it is a bit of a mind reader, certain it knows what other people are thinking. Again, it’s an over-active imagination overriding common sense, and a look at the Cancerian’s eyes tells the story: they are dreamy, trusting and yet somehow full of doubt.

A sense of security and a well-organised domestic scene are essential to every Cancerian’s well-being. They are excellent home-makers, adept at creating a sound, welcoming and happy environment, and most Crabs either find their own personal shell early on in adult life or decide never to leave the childhood home. No member of this sign thrives in uncertainty of any kind, and sometimes the effort needed in leaving its safety net can be overwhelming. Generally, many have to be gently but firmly encouraged to venture out into the world, a new job or a relationship if they are going to make the most of their potential. Money, of course, is part and parcel of the security aspect for the Crab and most are very concerned with earning enough to provide for today, tomorrow and years ahead.

Cancer worries about everything although it has the satisfaction of knowing that Virgo takes top spot where fretting is concerned, but only just. The Crab gets itself into a lather about anything from the grocery delivery to the state of the world and finds it really difficult to distinguish between the things it can do something about and those it has to leave to fate or the decisions of others. Many of the Crab’s problems are also almost self-inflicted because of its reluctance to communicate when feeling down. It sees its best option as retreating into its shell and brooding or, worst of all, feeling guilty about a situation over which it has no control whatsoever. Every sign knows about guilt, but Cancer has elevated the emotion to an art form. Whilst they might not want to indulge in any proper conversation when feeling a bit tremulous, they nevertheless love to have a bit of a whinge and certainly aren’t looking to be either interrupted or consoled. A good emotional wallow is therapy for all Crabs as it effectively deals with the pessimism and allows Cancer to look at life in a more positive light.

Needless to say many Cancerians are extremely successful in the world. They make excellent carers, be it in the medical profession, counselling, or youth work, and anything that revolves around the home is definitely their scene. Many are chefs, caterers or in the hospitality business and most of them are very green-fingered and love working outdoors, some being very imaginative garden designers. Because Cancer is associated with the Moon and personifies the mother figure many, if circumstances allowed, would choose to be a stay at home parent. Thus they make some of the best child-minders or kindergarten teachers. Cancer doesn’t get to the top of any ladder through sharp elbow tactics and aggression. It tends to zigzag its way through the ranks, thoroughly focused and with great perseverance. For that reason alone, they flourish in charities and make marvellous fund-raisers: no-one will be spared until the persistent Cancerian has raised the right amount.

In many ways Cancer is a thoroughly enigmatic and complex sign, yo-yoing between weakness and strength. A supremely efficient defence mechanism hides a vulnerable inner self and the Crab is inclined to see danger at every turn. Many people find Cancerians difficult to read and are often put off by the initially cool demeanour and rather suspicious attitude and the knowledge that, at worst, they can be prone to lying or duplicity. Those that make the effort to look past the hearsay find a completely different person: a very warm, emotional and canny individual who is also generous and very hospitable. It is clearly not a sign that is going to take risks and sometimes loses out on situations because it fails to make a quick decision or can’t deal with change. Unlike, say, Sagittarius who rushes into new experiences without much thought, Cancer can be too slow and finds itself stranded on a road going nowhere. In relationships, too, they can find it difficult to let go and often make matters worse by becoming clingy. One way or another all Cancerians go the unnecessary extra mile in most situations because changing direction is all too frightening and procrastination is essential.

Cancer’s instincts about people and situations, although perhaps seemingly questionable, should not be taken lightly. It takes a long time for many members of this sign to understand that their gut feelings are often right, however much the intellect or other people’s opinions would beg to differ. Sometimes Cancer becomes over-emotional and over-sensitive, with logic flying out of the window and gut feelings taking a rest. Hence they become their own worst enemy, ditching sensible discussion in favour of a touchy response and tears.

In nature, the Crab seems to lie around the shallows and not do that much and yet it is far more likely to be found in the strong ocean currents where it battles to find its place and to survive. All Cancerians have those hidden depths where they fight their worries and insecurities, only to land on the shore ready to achieve their ambitions. Cancer wants to love and to be loved, and to care and be cared for. Once it’s given its heart, it’s for keeps unless, of course, trust is broken and betrayal is obvious, whereupon Cancer might eventually forgive, but never forget. The Cancerian memory is phenomenal: this is the group that can recount verbatim that childhood incident or the latest disagreement, reviving memories that others would like to forget. It’s one of the Crab’s emotional weapons!

It takes time to understand the Crab: the vulnerability versus the clever operator, the warmth and love against the sudden dips in confidence and the worrying despair and, strangest of all, the quiet homemaker or the business tycoon. The Moon and its phases are difficult to deal with for every member of this sign but to be part of a Cancerian’s world and wrapped in its tender embrace is a great privilege. The key is never to take the Crab for granted, to give it space to gather its thoughts and always to remember that it can deliver a very nasty bite.

The Cancer Man

The man born under the sign of Cancer is a very special member of the male fraternity. In his own way he is a strong individual, and yet he is under the rule of the Moon which gives him a much more emotional take on life and a gentleness that initially makes people think he is rather weak. This is a man who isn’t afraid of showing his feelings. However, there is an exception to this: if the male Crab has been brought up to show a stiff upper lip and that it’s not manly to emote in any form, then the adult Cancerian will probably try to repress his feelings, become extremely macho, and wonder why he’s never truly comfortable in that role. Like the crab, he is a very sensitive soul, protected by a strong shell, and knows exactly where he’s going in life.

This is the adored and respected family man writ large. Whether it’s his own family or part of a close group of colleagues or friends, he is the potential father figure and his sympathetic nature also means he invariably becomes the best agony uncle. At work, he usually sees staff as family and knows who has a birthday coming up, whose parent has been ill or who is expecting a baby. The Crab also loves to entertain, is an excellent host, and is usually a stickler for doing the right thing: he certainly doesn’t have any kind of hang-up about donning the appropriate gear for the formal occasions he loves. He is also a very shrewd operator and in his own way gets better results in life from his innate insight into people and situations than the more fiery members of the zodiac who rely on bluster and bombast.

Few men of this sign linger at the bottom of life’s ladder. They are extremely ambitious but often take a slow and painstaking route to the top, with a few diversions on the way. He is also highly intuitive. Most Cancerian men take time to recognise this gift but learn to trust it as they go through life. It’s also intriguing to women to find a man who trusts his gut. For the male Crab, the emotional swings that are part and parcel of the Cancer personality often see him described as moody. Suddenly the genial and sympathetic man, with his warm-hearted sense of humour, turns into a very touchy and negative being. The Crab just needs a bit of solitude in order to sort things out in his own mind and perhaps deal with circumstances about which he says nothing, leaving those he loves searching for some kind of reason or answer. He is, nevertheless, an excellent companion, usually very knowledgeable about all sorts of subjects and, like the other water signs, his sporting interests often involve that particular element.

This is a wonderfully caring man whose gentle nature, compassion and emotional sensitivity hide a steely resolve to achieve his ambitions. Anyone who is lucky enough to befriend him will have a protective champion for life.

The Cancer Woman

This is the mother earth female of the zodiac, usually happiest in her home and thoroughly involved in family life and the development of the next generation. Many Cancerian women would deny that this is their role in life and yet they are often the lynch pins of the office environment, the go-to person if troubles are looming and the one who seems to have time for everyone. In one way or another, this woman needs to look after the interests of others and many are involved in humanitarian causes and the caring professions. They also make wonderful teachers, especially of very small children. A sense of security is paramount for the Cancer woman and they often behave as though preparing for a siege: they not only need to feel there is money in the bank but also that the home is well-stocked. She needs to be ready for the extra mouth to feed at very short notice and certainly doesn’t want to be rushing to the supermarket at the last minute. She likes to be organised but is certainly not as pernickety about it all as her Virgo colleague.

While men want to protect what they see as a rather vulnerable woman, other women see her as a wonderful sounding board and a sympathetic ear. She is a great listener and, with a little bit of thought, will always come up with a sensible solution to a problem, or at least know someone else who can help. She usually ends up as a great keeper of secrets, including those of the men who, once they realise she is stronger than they thought, will seek her advice and counsel. Although she herself is often found quietly crying, she is also extremely good at mopping up tears and dishing out encouragement.

Gemini, her neighbour on one side, has a very casual attitude to clothes, and Leo on her other side, is invariably all glamour. Cancer is more likely to go down both the elegant route and the very practical as she tends firmly to divide her life between the domestic and the wider scene. As a daughter of the Moon, silver is usually more her scene than gold and she rarely goes for anything suggestive of bling, preferring pieces that make a discreet statement.

The Cancer woman is blessed with very strong intuition and finds over the years that she should never ignore it. Like her male counterpart she also has her moments when she needs to take herself off to a quiet place for contemplation and recovery. Despite being a safe pair of hands for everyone else’s worries she often finds it difficult to discuss her own, and frequently frets about what she perceives as unfair comments or slights. By saying nothing, she lets her imagination run riot and suddenly is faced with a major issue of her own making. She can also be very touchy for no apparent reason, leaving people unsure as to what they have said or done to upset her.

On the whole, this gentle, kind and loving woman has a strength that isn’t always obvious but her ability to cope in difficult or stressful times is testament to that inner determination to protect and to survive. While she might cling a little too long to situations that are past their sell-by date because she fears change, her loyalty to those she loves is never in doubt.

Cancer Zodiac

Relating to Cancer

Cancer is a water sign and its naturally compatible partners are the other water signs and the earth signs. As with all members of the zodiac, it is the more incompatible signs that are really attractive, and for Cancer it’s the air and fire signs that seem both utterly desirable and very challenging.

Cancer and Aries

Cancer is usually bowled over by the Aries energy and drive and it takes time for the Crab to realise that this fiery individual might be a lot of talk and little action. Aries always has grand plans. The Ram is initially enchanted by the Crab’s seeming vulnerability and its ability to listen and to nurture but soon finds that it can be over-emotional and inconsistent. Cancer needs to get its own way. Thus, both want to rule the roost; Aries very forcefully and Cancer with somewhat devious tactics. Nevertheless, this relationship can be very productive. Cancer can be a wonderfully moderating force for Aries, putting a stop to the over-the-top ideas and helping to focus on the ones that will work and to engineer a favourable outcome. Aries is also able to boost the Crab’s confidence and soothe away the pessimism and learns to trust Cancer’s instincts. Like all fire signs, Aries is not particularly comfortable in the realm of feelings, which is Cancer’s natural home, and the lack of open emotional connection can bring a lot of misunderstandings. Aries loves to spend and its grand plans often involve complex financial dealings which scare the Crab, who just wants enough to live on and plenty to save for a rainy day. Cancer’s need for security is at odds with the gambling instincts of the Ram but, at the same time, the Crab will exist on very little if it genuinely believes that the Ram’s next venture is likely to come good. Sexually this is a relationship that starts with energy and an abundance of trust, but intimacy can quickly die if the communication stops, worries begin to take over and emotions get hidden. As with all water/fire combinations, Cancer can feel drained by the endless Aries action, and the Ram senses that all its best endeavours are either unappreciated or doused by a lot of cold water. This relationship often works very well with older couples who have gained experience and understanding but generally, with a willingness to learn and to compromise, Cancer and Aries have the potential to forge a loving and rewarding partnership.

Cancer and Taurus

Cancer sees Taurus as a very stable and understanding partner, loving its patient and reliable nature, its attachment to security and to taking life steadily and surely. Taurus, in turn, is very taken with the Crab’s sympathetic and emotional nature, its need to protect and nurture and, more particularly, its shrewd and cautious approach to life. This is a water/earth relationship which is usually very strong, the Taurean able to assuage all the Cancer nerves and vulnerabilities. Both are very loving and the warm-hearted Taurus is able to give much reassurance and encouragement to the more timid Crab. In turn Cancer can soothe and cajole the Bull when it suffers from resentment or inflexibility, as it often does. The Bull, however, can become very possessive and jealous, something Cancer finds really difficult to deal with, just as Taurus can’t cope with the Crab’s icy silences and changeable moods. Luckily, they share the same attitude to money as both have a horror of being in financial difficulties and like to plan and budget sensibly. When Cancer finds out that Taurus is not averse to a spending spree and likes to dip its toe in the luxury end of the market from time to time, it’s at first a shock and then an annoyance. The Taurean starts to resent the Crab’s tight rein on the cash and its constant whinging about the Bull’s acquisitive nature. On the sexual side, this is usually a very hot relationship as Cancer feels very secure with the grounded Taurus who, in turn, feels relaxed with the protective Crab, and thus a strong emotional and sensual bond develops. This relationship does have potential problems when Taurus realises that Cancer is very ambitious and the Crab senses that Taurus can be thoroughly self-indulgent. Neither is likely to rush off to pastures new, but boredom is more likely to damage the status quo than an affair. These two can easily enjoy a very long and stable partnership but fulfilling the early expectations is something that both will probably have to work on if a true companionship is to endure.

Cancer and Gemini

Cancer and Gemini are astrological neighbours and, as such, very different. Gemini personifies reason, intellect and the power of the mind while Cancer is all about feelings, sensitivity and intuition. Thus it is an attraction of opposites which fascinates and baffles them both. Gemini is a butterfly, flitting from one lively situation to the next and never staying long anywhere, while Cancer seeks security and stability and plunges into hidden emotional depths way beyond Gemini’s reach. Initially Cancer sees Gemini as a breath of fresh air and a rather wondrous being: the chat, humour, sociability and confidence being in stark contrast to the Crab’s more reticent behaviour and its cautious approach to everything. For Gemini, Cancer’s warmth, genuine interest in people and its sudden shrewd and knowing comments are very attractive. On the other hand, Cancer can’t understand Gemini’s failure to stick with situations while the Twin despairs of the Crab’s seeming inability to move out of its shell, all the while knowing that Cancer is very ambitious. The Twin also finds the Cancerian’s worries both irritating and frustrating, as they seem to have obvious solutions, while the Crab loses patience with the Twin’s endless plans which all seem to come to nothing. Financially these two are at opposite ends of the pole: Gemini is happy to have enough to live on and enjoy some hobbies and a bit of travel, but saving for the future is never going to be at the top of the list. For Cancer, it’s totally the other way round: future security is paramount. Sexually, the attraction is often immediate and all-consuming but can come to grief quite quickly. Cancer is often too needy for Gemini who finds it difficult to develop an emotional rapport. However, by allowing the relationship to develop over time Cancer becomes more confident and less clingy and Gemini warmer and more personally involved. Some couples will quickly jump ship but, for others, compromise and time are often the keys to a long and loving partnership.

Cancer and Cancer

This is usually an all or nothing situation and many Cancer/Cancer meetings are hello, nice to meet you, and goodbye in double quick time. For those that get past the starting gate, each will feel nurtured and protected by the other, emotionally in tune, and feel that their intuition and instincts are understood and listened to. They will probably have many of the same interests, will delight in entertaining and both will recognise the importance of family ties and obligations. There will also be a tacit acknowledgement of the other’s ambitions: there is little one Crab can hide from another. Any same sign relationship, however, suffers the same problem: it gets into difficulties when the negative aspects of the sign come into play. For two Cancerians the stress arrives when one or both dive into an over-emotional or over-sensitive state and the very moody Crab disappears into its shell, won’t enter into a discussion and becomes extremely touchy. Each will say it is the other’s fault and, with no practical and down to earth advice and coaxing, the stand-off can go on for far too long. Equally, a bout of pessimism has no easy way out because cajoling the Crab out of its shell often takes humour and optimism. Humour the Crab understands: optimism is a totally different deal. Financially, they are definitely on the same page: where savings and money management are concerned they are world class. Sexually this can be a loving and emotionally enriching relationship, and when the going gets tough they find solace in intimacy. Two water signs are clearly very compassionate and two Crabs will cling to each other through thick and thin, but not necessarily for the right reasons. Cancer, behind the loving and sentimental front, is fearful for its security and many a Cancer/Cancer partnership stays the course because, for them, a bad relationship is better than having to venture into a new situation. Nervously they hope and pray that circumstances force a change because they certainly won’t initiate it.

Cancer and Leo

The generous and warm-hearted Leo makes the cautious and slightly nervous Crab feel greatly loved and protected while Cancer looks after the Lion and is in awe of its glamorous personality. In any relationship Leo needs to be boss and in the Crab thinks it has found a willing second in command. It doesn’t take long for the Lion to realise that Cancer has its own ambitions and a determination to succeed which could leave Leo well and truly in the shade. In the zodiac these are next-door signs and radically different but there is usually a very strong attraction. The showy Leo brings Cancer into a brasher and brighter world which the Crab initially loves: after all, it thoroughly enjoys the social scene. In turn, Cancer shows the Lion that calmer moments can have many charms and Leo learns much about instinct, imagination and shrewdness. Cancer is also very caring and is probably one of the only signs that sees through the frequent Leo bombast and boasting and understands the sensitivity the Lion is trying to hide. Optimism and sunshine emanate from Leo which contrasts strongly with the Crab’s innate tendency to worry, verging on pessimism, and its changeable moods. Leo, because it’s a sign that likes action rather than delving into emotional situations, tends to dig in its heels and, with the Crab’s every tearful and clingy moment becomes more and more intransigent. At the same time Cancer has possibly regretfully realised that Leo can be style over substance. Financially these two see things very differently. Leo is a big spender in the luxury market while Cancer can make do very well at the other end. Cancer resents what it sees as money wasted and Leo calls the Crab miserly. Sexually this can be a very loving and giving partnership, and often this couple stay together because the sex is good, but also because both are reluctant to deal with change. Leo is inflexible and Cancer fearful, but together they can face the world and become very supportive of each other.

Cancer and Virgo

These two signs are immediately drawn to each other. Cancer sees Virgo as very stable and grounded and a good foil for its fears and emotional sensitivities, while Virgo thrives in the Crab’s sympathetic, loving and protective attention. Virgo is also practical and reliable which the Crab finds immensely reassuring and the Virgin is very taken with Cancer’s astute judgment and caution. Virgo is not a risk-taker and likes to analyse everything before making a decision. Where Virgo underestimates Cancer is in the area of ambition and achievement. Virgo likes to make steady progress through life but doesn’t hanker after the top job anywhere. Cancer is quite the opposite, keen to hit the heights, and often gets irritated at the Virgin’s lack of ambition. Virgo might criticise and fuss but isn’t prone to moods and finds the Crab’s silences and pessimism very irksome and difficult to deal with. Cancer feels much of the Virgin’s carping is unnecessary and, for the vulnerable Crab, very discouraging. Virgo is a sign that appreciates time on its own and Cancer is very social: Virgo is driven by rational thought and Cancer comes from the heart, all of which can enhance the relationship or cause rifts. Financially they both think alike and want to spend most on the home and building up a large security blanket. Sexually these two feel totally at home with one another: this is probably not going to be the most dynamic of relationships but it will be very loving and reassuring to both. Neither sign is a particularly good communicator when the going gets tough and very often these two drift apart because they don’t want to face problems. Although Virgo will be the one who becomes restless in the relationship, it will probably be the seemingly unadventurous Cancer who will be the one to call it a day. After all, the Crab doesn’t stay in its shell – it comes out to meet the world while Virgo is still dealing with the minutiae and failing to see the bigger picture. Nevertheless, most Cancer/Virgo relationships very happily stand the test of time.

Cancer and Libra

Cancer and Libra both have the same goals where a relationship is concerned: to love and be loved. That works wonderfully at first as each is convinced it has found the perfect partner. When, however, the everyday business of life starts to intrude, what seemed a magical union starts to become a slightly different proposition. Cancer is immediately charmed by the calm, easy-going and romantic Libran who clearly has ambitions and a liking for the good things in life. The Crab also notices Libra’s diplomatic skills and ability to skirt around all sorts of potential problems. The shrewd Cancer mind is very attractive to Libra as much as its imaginative view of life and sympathetic nature. The Libran, for whom a partnership is an essential state of being, also loves Cancer’s very protective attitude and its ability to entertain royally. Clearly the Crab can be as sociable as the Libran. It could be their very different attitudes to money that brings the first possible crack in this edifice. Cancer, who never goes overboard with the cash starts to worry about the Libran’s lavish, self-indulgent spending and lack of concern about rainy days. It also begins to see that Libra can be gullible, throwing itself into friendships and situations that the cautious Crab can see are going to end badly. Libra starts to recognise, too, that Cancer can be over-sensitive, seeing imagined slights everywhere, tenacious over the wrong issues and failing to be rational. Both signs can be changeable and both, when antagonised, can be forthright in the extreme, with hurtful remarks flying. The sexual side of this relationship can be gentle and very satisfying with both getting the kindness and reassurance they need. As both are ambitious, it’s possible this relationship can survive on mutual success and the lifestyle that goes with it. If that’s not enough, Cancer will find it difficult to cope with Libra’s indecision and Libra, despite being desperate not to return to the single state, could opt out, having found the Crab too emotionally demanding.

Cancer and Scorpio

For Cancer, this is one of the best astrological partners. Both are water signs and are steeped in the emotions and ambition. They are also highly intuitive and understand the whole process of overriding the rational mind. In fact, for many Cancer/Scorpio relationships there is a tremendous sense of soul union. The determined and powerful Scorpio feels it has a great ally in the shrewd and tenacious Cancerian, and that together they can achieve whatever they want. Cancer and Scorpio both value financial security and know they can create a comfortable home and a good family life. These soul mates are pragmatists, not dreamers. Into every perfect scenario, a little rain must fall and for these two it invariably comes in the form of a serious lack of communication as both retreat into icy and hurt silences. Ongoing problems are rarely solved and resentments build up. Scorpio can be a very jealous partner and whether it’s to do with Cancer flirting at a party or getting a promotion at work, it can push Scorpio into harsh words and a very cold demeanour which is devastating for the Crab. Cancer is equally adept at playing the ‘hurtful remarks’ game and with Scorpio obstinate and Cancer touchy, neither wants to make the first move towards a constructive discussion. Scorpio is often seen as being the architect of its own misfortune and, because Cancer understands that, is usually the first to try to put things right. Despite these problems this is generally a wonderfully close and romantic relationship and many of the problems which face this couple can be solved through a passionate sex life. Most Scorpio/Cancer partnerships celebrate many anniversaries and even if the passion has died, they often stay together because they are best friends and each, in its own way, fears moving on. It’s a classic case of the devil you know. For those that don’t stay the course, both will look back at a powerful and magnetic relationship and wonder about the one who got away.

Cancer and Sagittarius

For two signs that are inherently incompatible, it’s amazing how often they fall for each other in a really big way. For sensitive and emotional Cancer, the extroverted and somewhat irresponsible Sagittarian is somehow the last thing it needs and yet it is captivated by the Archer’s self-deprecating humour, wide interests and huge intellect. Equally, Sagittarius is charmed by the loving and compassionate Crab with its wonderful imagination, caution and shrewd judgment. Cancer feels invigorated by the lively Archer who brings so much joy into the Crab’s life, and the Sagittarian feels it has met someone who is understanding and protective. The sexual attraction between these two is palpable and, at first, is strong enough to make them think that they could spend a lifetime together. The first blot on their happy horizon comes in the form of money: Sagittarius is a spender and a risk-taker, something that gives Cancer sleepless nights as it’s very concerned about financial security and its pension. Then there is the problem of the Archer’s foot in mouth disease, when it speaks before engaging its brain and dishes out many unintended hurts. For Cancer, who assumes that any misplaced remark must be aimed in its direction, the strain of dealing with the Sagittarian thoughtlessness becomes just too much. The Archer, who is confidence personified, finds it impossible to understand the Crab’s fears and worries which, after initially seeing them as adorable, now finds them tedious in the extreme. If Sagittarius listens to Cancer’s cautious words of wisdom and the Crab learns to trust the Archer’s way of going about things, this is a relationship that can work but it will probably always be subject to compromise and debate. Those that survive in the long term will say that it’s been an interesting rollercoaster ride with their sex life probably saving the day. For other Cancer/Sagittarius relationships it’s memorable for all the right reasons, or possibly the wrong ones, but invariably never forgotten.

Cancer and Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn are opposite each other in the zodiac and often feel, at first meeting, that each has found its other half. The reliable, practical, reserved and disciplined Capricorn needs the nurturing, loving, protective and sympathetic Cancer and vice versa. Both somehow feel whole. Each in its own way is quite sentimental, often craving what they think were more ordered and settled times in the past, and both tend to fret about the future. Also, both are very ambitious although not obviously so: through sheer determination Cancer zigzags its way to the top and Capricorn treads surely but cautiously. After a time Cancer begins to see the Goat as a bit too pessimistic, over-conventional and almost tight-fisted. The Crab loves to feel financially secure, but is never miserly. Capricorn finds, in turn, that it’s difficult to deal with the emotional dramas of the Crab and its inability to cope with any form of disagreement or criticism. Cancer’s moody silences are a mystery to the Goat. Cancer is also a great worrier and with Capricorn who is never an optimist, these two can get bogged down in a load of negativity. Capricorn also sees that Cancer can be both touchy and changeable while the Crab starts to tire of the over-cautious and sometimes resentful Goat. On the plus side, of course, Cancer is far more sociable than Capricorn and can do much for the Goat on that score, while Capricorn can put meat on the bones of Cancer’s imaginative plans. Crucially, Capricorn has a wonderfully dry wit which can defuse tense situations. Sexually, this can be a very tender relationship, but with a business before pleasure attitude from Capricorn resulting in an insecure and clingy Cancer, the joy can quickly evaporate. Many Cancer/Capricorn partnerships work very well, each able to bring something different to the relationship but for those that founder, it’ll be a reminder that opposites can certainly attract but they can also repel!

Cancer and Aquarius

Cancer and Aquarius are inherently incompatible and for that reason usually find each other enormously attractive. The Waterbearer, who is rarely in touch with its feelings and certainly doesn’t want to discuss them, is totally entranced by the Crab, who is so comfortable in what Aquarius views as a very strange realm. Cancer sees in the Aquarian an exciting and wider world and perhaps even plenty of opportunities to take a slightly bolder approach to life. Cancer is loving and Aquarius loyal, and both have the other’s interests at heart: they are always welcome additions to the social scene and manage to make a lot of useful contacts. They also throw memorable parties. Because these two are so very different there will inevitably be some extremely tense times. Aquarius tends to speak first and think later and Cancer is not only touchy but highly sensitive: many disagreements start with one wrong remark and Cancer has a very long memory. Both can also be changeable so there will be times when neither knows the general game plan, nor what today’s line of thinking is likely to be. Aquarius, along with Sagittarius, is the most independent member of the zodiac and Cancer is one of the most emotionally needy. The Aquarian’s habit of living its own life makes Cancer tense and fearful and the more the Crab worries and clings, the more likely it is that the Waterbearer will find a reason to move on. Financially, too, this duo can have problems as Aquarius and money are easily parted and Cancer likes to think it is being spent wisely or saved. Sexually, these two can have a very hot and inventive relationship until Cancer starts to resent the Aquarian’s very individual take on intimacy, and the Waterbearer isn’t one to have sex scheduled to fit in with the Crab’s busy life. This relationship often works better with an older duo, when experience and tolerance are more easily in the mix, but many Cancer/Aquarian couples overcome a lot of hurdles to achieve great happiness.

Cancer and Pisces

Cancer and Pisces are both water signs and totally understand each other’s very caring and loving nature and the fact that emotions, rather than intellect, drive their thoughts and actions. Cancer is the more ambitious and stronger partner, which is not to say that Pisces is weak: it’s just less focused and more idealistic than the shrewd and protective Crab. In its own way, however, the Piscean’s compassion and kindness is balm to the sometimes fearful Cancerian, who worries about everything, and the Fish will always put its own interests in second place. Both can be very sentimental and are often at their best in a family environment and many Cancer/Pisces relationships revolve around working in the caring professions where they feel truly fulfilled. Cancer often benefits from the Piscean’s compassion and kindness, ensuring the Crab sees things from a different perspective, while the Fish has much to thank Cancer for where it comes to encouraging direction and commitment. Cancer has tenacity and determination, whereas Pisces can be weak-willed and gullible: the Crab often finds itself sorting out some kind of mess the Fish has got into, only to hear Pisces complaining about being reeled in and organised. Both signs can be moody: for Pisces it comes in escapism and for Cancer in silences that need much sensitivity from the Fish to break. Financially these two are on different pages unless money is being spent on home and family. Generally Pisces is a spender par excellence and Cancer likes to build up a nest egg. Sexually, this is invariably a very compatible relationship and the source of much soul-baring, understanding and forgiveness. Both are well aware that their relationship could drown in a sea of emotions and secrets (both can be duplicitous) but their interests and goals are very much the same and, despite some tricky moments, most Cancer/Pisces partnerships are destined to last.

Cancer and Sex

Cancer men and women are very unlikely to be first off the starting blocks in the sexual experience race. Cancer comes primarily from the heart and their emotional vulnerability and fear of rejection cause them to be very cautious about sex and the intimacy it involves. This is a sign that waits for the best person to conduct the sexual initiation and the Cancer intuition invariably picks out exactly the right one. For Cancer, sex is not just about the physical contact but also a meeting of minds and feelings as well as bodies. Although Cancer can be an accomplished flirt, it would be horrified if anyone thought it was going to lead to a one-night stand or, worse, a quickie in a slightly unsavoury environment. Cancerians take their sex life seriously and neither of those activities falls into that category.

This is a highly sensual sign and Cancerians are usually accomplished lovers. They need to feel, through a sexual union, that they have achieved an emotional connection and, afterwards, that they are able to enjoy a lot of tactile tenderness and warmth. Because of their acutely sensitive nature, it’s vital for them to hear words of love, appreciation and perhaps humour, but never anything that might imply criticism or just the wrong thing said at the wrong time. If that happens, the Crab will disappear back into its shell and it could take some time for it to re-emerge and then the relationship might be over anyway. Being a water sign, that particular element is often an integral part of Cancer’s sex life, whether it’s a shared shower or a soak in the bath accompanied by a lot of oils, candles and anything else that prolongs the romance.

Cancer is very much associated with motherhood and some Cancerian women find their interest in sex takes a nose dive once they have the children they planned for. For them sex is more about the creation of a family than for its own sake, but the affection and tenderness of being with the partner doesn’t go away. For the male of the sign, it’s usually his ambitions and work pressures, particularly if he’s providing for a family, which put sex on the back burner, but most relationships eventually find a way back to a happy and improved intimacy.

Although often late into the game, Cancer usually makes up for lost time with much gusto and is extremely kind and thoughtful of its partner and careful not to have its own emotions ridiculed or shattered. If the Cancerian has experienced emotional pain there is rarely any route back to the bedroom, but once Cancer has given its heart to a lover, it expects the relationship to prosper for a very long time.

Cancer and Commitment

Cancer and commitment are definitely joined at the hip. Very few Cancerians enter into a serious relationship with the idea that they’ll do a runner when it suits them. Far more likely is their fervent belief that with a partnership comes home, family and years together. Even if family doesn’t come into it, the Crab is generally very reluctant to leave a relationship even when times get difficult. For the most part it takes the view that situations can be mended, or at least lived with, and it has an innate fear of change. At the same time, however, the Cancer memory has stored away every single hurtful remark (even if it was the truth) directed at the Crab. Should the relationship become severely strained and Cancer thinks an end is in sight, each one of those comments will be fired back at the perpetrator as part and parcel of the reason for its eventual departure.

Many members of this sign often stay in relationships for reasons other than love. Loyalty to the mother or father of their children is one, financial battles another and parent/child cohesion a third. Cancer, being so strongly family orientated, hates more than most the idea of breaking up that unit. Even when children have flown the nest, Cancer will still stick with a stressful partnership but all the time hoping that somehow a break will materialise. Cancer itself, fearful of making a new start, won’t initiate a split unless severely provoked, and one of Cancer’s ways of pushing difficulties to the back of its mind is to remember happier times. The Crab is extremely sentimental and, even in the worst stage of a relationship, will still find something good to say about a partner.

When Cancer commits to a partnership, it means it heart and soul. This is not a sign that leaps in and out of relationships on a whim as it fears rejection and thinks very carefully about who it wants to be with. When it finds a kind and loving partner who understands its worries and sensitivities, why on earth would it want to move on?

Cancer and Money

All through its life Cancer seeks security, whether in the family environment as a child, in an adult relationship or in the work place, and good money management is an intrinsic part of that. The Cancer child gets scared if it senses that money is tight, worries terribly as an adult if joint funds start to diminish, and fears loss of a job more than most. Financial security has a great deal to do with the Crab’s emotional well-being and it’s normally very good at coping with the good financial times and the bad. It doesn’t go in for flashy purchases and isn’t too concerned about keeping up with the Joneses. When money is flowing in the Crab will thoroughly enjoy the freedom that a good income can bring, and will also ensure that the savings are given as much consideration as the spending: Cancer likes to think that planning for retirement should start very early.

Like its opposite sign, Capricorn, Cancer is sometimes seen as a bit miserly but in fact is merely cautious and wise. It is naturally generous and will never forget, however strained the pot of cash, family birthdays or a friend in trouble. Equally it will never forget a kindness and will want to repay it somehow. It understands that sending a card or a bunch of flowers can do wonders, as can standing a round or two for a colleague. It’s frequently at times when cash is at a minimum that Cancer comes into its own. The Crab is brilliant at finding special offers and vouchers, scouring the internet for bargains, changing energy suppliers, adjusting insurance policies and generally running things very efficiently. As someone who likes to entertain, Cancer is also adept at throwing a party without causing too much damage to the budget.

Cancer, from time to time, does loosen the purse-strings, but it will be choosy about where the money goes and family will always come first. Children of a Cancer parent will learn early on that they won’t miss out on the essentials but excess expenditure will never be on the cards.

At a time when there was such a thing as a job for life, Cancer was very happy as it spelled security. Whether or not the work appealed didn’t come into it as the regular money was much more important. In the 21st century things are different and more stressful for the Crab, as jobs come and go and at each stage it worries about its finances. No-one can ever tell Cancer that it has enough to live on or retire on: in the Crab’s book there will never really be sufficient. Be that as it may, Cancer will still make time to work for a charity and, in particular, to host gatherings to raise funds. It is always keen to share its good fortune and if it possesses a large house or garden, then it could be used to help others. The caring Cancer is never far from the surface and hospital and medical charities are often the beneficiaries of its generosity. Whatever Cancer’s financial situation, it will never crow about its good fortune and will certainly not whinge about the difficult times. With its natural determination and tenacity it just gets on with the job and makes the most of each and every situation.

Cancer at Home

This is the nest of someone who values family life and is a very proud descendant of those wonderful Victorians looking sternly at the camera. The first thing anyone notices about the Cancerian home is the number of photos, drawings, notes and sundry items all lovingly created by various generations. In addition, there is also likely to be furniture – large and small – which belonged to a grandparent, parent or another relation. This is sentimental Cancer at its very best and most loving and, as far as families go, this sign is the keeper of possessions, secrets and memories. Many members of this sign take a great interest in genealogy and in finding their own clan. A family tree is never out of place in the Cancerian home, and nor are those amusing notices that remind everyone of the Crab’s gentle sense of humour.

They love to entertain, are usually very good cooks and relish the fact that people can drop in to their very welcoming home, whether pre-planned or spur of the moment. Like their Capricorn counterparts, the Crabs tend to have very well-stocked cupboards and freezers. Unlike some signs that must have everything perfect for a party, Cancer is brilliant at spur of the moment planning for any number of people. Flowers seem to appear from nowhere but, bearing in mind that many Cancerians are green-fingered, the garden often provides a useful bounty. Candles and soft lighting are very much in the Cancerian domain: this is not a sign that flourishes under a harsh spotlight. As well as being good cooks, many are very talented with a needle and thread and there is not much they won’t undertake where it comes to jobs around the home.

Biographies, histories, family sagas, cookery books and box sets (many Cancerians are film buffs) are all far more likely to be found in their home than numerous electronic devices. For Cancer, who is not one of life’s loners, the joy of human interaction is very important and the home is about communication and company. Obviously Cancer is no Neanderthal and will be busy on social media like anyone else, but time will always be set aside for the personal chat. White flowers are associated with Cancer, roses and lilies in particular: its metal is silver and its colours smoky greys and silvery blues. Pearls are traditionally linked with Cancer but this sign can also lay claim to emeralds, onyx and crystal. Unlike its neighbouring sign, Leo, Cancer is not concerned with a massive display of jewellery and isn’t into anything showy, preferring instead anything that has come down the generations and been worn by a much-loved relative, and Cancer men will never say no to inheriting a watch or grandpa’s cuff links.

Unfortunately, Cancer is famous for is untidiness and hoarding as it’s reluctant to part with anything. Behind the tidy facade of its home will be cupboards and drawers crammed full of things that need to be sorted and, if the Crab is totally honest, that won’t happen any time soon. There are times, of course, when a firm hand is taken to clearing out, but that tends to leave Cancer worrying as to whether or not certain possessions should really have gone to the tip.

Most importantly, the Cancer home is a very warm, loving and special place and, just as the crab creeps into its shell for protection and safety, so do the Cancerian men and women see their domestic environment as a place to re-charge their batteries, to feel secure, and to nurture family and friends.

Cancer at Leisure

Being a water sign, many Cancerians thrive in or near that element, whether it’s at the swimming pool, on a boat or by the river. Seaside holidays are also balm to the Cancer soul, many of them feeling totally relaxed and refreshed at the first sight of rollers or just the gentle lap of water on the shore. On the whole Cancerians are not great adventurers, far preferring to stay nearer to home and enjoying the familiar rather than the exotic. However, as the undoubted historians of the zodiac, they are just as fascinated by past events in other countries as they are in their own, and any trips abroad will invariably combine sun and sand with exploring well-known landmarks as well as more hidden treasures.

The association of certain countries with a sun sign can often mean a sense of belonging and Cancer is linked with Holland, Scotland, Canada, New Zealand and most of Africa. Considering Cancer is about the family, it’s obvious that Scottish clans and African tribes fulfil that idea, as do the indigenous people of New Zealand. The natal Sun of the USA is in Cancer (4th July) and thus influences the strong family feeling that is very much part of American culture. Cities such as Tokyo, Venice and Istanbul, as well as New York and Manchester (UK) all have a connection with Cancer and in any of these places some Cancerians will possibly have the intuitive feeling that they somehow belong there.

Just as Cancer can be a hoarder, it is also known for being a great collector of anything from stamps to vintage clothes. Cancer is about protecting the past as much as just visiting it and it’s frequently found in volunteering roles for the conservation charities. Many Cancerians love their garden, whether it’s a plot, balcony or window box, and cookery demonstrations always grab their attention. Finding a new dish to taste or a recipe book to buy makes the Crab very happy.

Sport for Cancer is more likely to be based on or in water than on terra firma. They are usually very competent in boats of all shapes and sizes, love to surf and can be quite competitive, though they are definitely not in the Aries league. Like Scorpios, they enjoy games that involve strategy and are often excellent at chess. For a sign that is often seen as quite shy, it’s amazing to think that they can be such excellent actors and mimics, and many are the backbone of the local amateur dramatics society. Cancer being changeable, of course, it’s very usual for the Cancer enthusiasms to be short-lived and just as it really gets into one particular field, it opts for another.

Last, but by no means least, wherever Cancer is spending its leisure time, it will always be on the look-out for that small item that would mean a lot to a relation or friend or would be useful to have tucked away in a present drawer – and Cancer does have one of those – for someone in the future. Cancer is very sentimental about those it loves and takes real joy in finding just the right gift.

Food, Drink and Diets for Cancer

With their naturally caring nature, most Cancerians not only enjoy cooking for family and friends, but usually have an excellent appetite for certain categories of food. They are perhaps not the greatest fans of red meat and their delicate digestive system means they can’t deal with too many big meals on the trot. Usually Cancer is a great fan of fish, dairy, sushi, pasta, eggs and vegetables, or anything that is light to eat. Fruit with a high water content, such as melon, is also particularly good for them. It’s not a sign like Gemini that needs to eat little and often, but it is similar to the Twin in that its appetite is often slow to get going and Cancer looks for either a light or a late breakfast. With many Cancerians probably growing their own fruit and veg, anything fresh from the garden would be ideal for them. Astrologically, Cancer is associated with the alimentary canal and any stress, tension or tiredness often manifests as pain in that area. Cancer as a disease has no particular link with Cancer, the sign of the zodiac: that illness is totally indiscriminate.

As far as drink is concerned, the same ideas apply as with food – nothing too strong. Wine and champagne are definitely on their agenda but many Cancerians eschew strong spirits and go easy on the cocktails. With Scotland ruled by Cancer, it is very likely that whisky will be a favourite for some and Italian, New Zealand, Californian and South African wines can be particularly palatable. English beer must never be ruled out for this sign, and given the idea that Cancer doesn’t like too much of a good thing, many love cordials and the more sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks.

Cancer is not really known for its sweet tooth and would far prefer frozen yoghourt to a sticky toffee pudding. That doesn’t mean they never indulge in a marvellous torte or a mouth-watering Pavlova, but, where sugar is concerned, they are really quite abstemious. On the whole, Cancerians are not at the head of the queue for a diet. Should they feel a few pounds need shifting, it’s often a case of portion control or, for those who do possess that sweet tooth, just cutting out the chocolate. In middle to old age many members of this sign do put on a bit of weight, but rarely get too worked up about it as Cancerians enjoy what they eat and know that a little of what you fancy does you good and that the operative word is “little”!

Presents for Cancer

In the era of social media many people have given up on the idea of keeping photo albums but, for Cancer, that is still the right place for those very special snaps which should be kept safely for future generations. Photo frames too are usually abundant in a Cancerian home – the more the merrier. Whilst adept at opening folders on line, they are nervous of losing the lot and like to keep things in boxes or files. Pretty containers of any kind are very useful to Cancer because it also helps with tidying things away: Smart stationery and amusing cards are also very much appreciated as the Crab understands that some people, even in this day and age, like a hand-written note. As to those very witty slogans, no Cancer home would be complete without them!

Anything for the garden and the kitchen would always be welcome, as would a really good bottle of wine or a gift box from a niche food supplier. Although not known for its sweet tooth, a very superior chocolate could be a perfect treat. For this sign, that loves to entertain and frequently cooks for friends at its own birthday meal, an evening out could be the best present of all. Whether it’s a restaurant, a theatre visit (musicals of all kinds are usually top of Cancer’s list) a dance lesson or anything the Crab has rather wistfully talked about, will be very well received. Of course, it could equally be a very happy evening in with the box set du jour.

Pearls, emeralds, crystals and onyx are the stones associated with Cancer and anything containing any of those would probably give great joy and be thoroughly appreciated. Equally, where jewellery is concerned, the Cancer woman will have just as much fun with a ring or necklace that has real style but cost next to nothing. That appeals to her thrifty nature. Something from an antique shop that appeals to the Cancerian nostalgia and love of the past could definitely find a place in the home. Listen carefully to any Cancerian and hints will probably be dropped as to a book it would like (possibly the latest historical novel or best-seller) or something else that’s taken its fancy. For Cancer, it’s always the thought that counts and the small gift which comes with a great deal of attention to what the Crab really likes is usually the one that hits the top spot.

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