Spending time alone this month might be essential for your overall well-being. It’s not that you have any specific anxiety or problem that’s freaking you out. Rather, it’s about a desire to maintain your spiritual centeredness. As a result, after June 13, you may feel a stronger pull to spend time alone reading or studying topics that bring you a feeling of peace and soul renewal. Whether this is about psychic or spiritual pursuits or any other topic, you’ll benefit as long as it nourishes your soul.

You might also find yourself in a situation where you’re helping someone in need … on the down-low. This might be in the form of talk therapy where you become someone’s advisor without necessarily planning to. This person might seek your advice because he or she not only values your perspective, but also your discretion. You’ll make a real difference in this person’s life and that will surely feed your soul.

In other news, your financial outlook becomes quite sunny after June 13. Venus will tour your earned income sector until July 9, making it impossible for you feel a lack of confidence in your personal talents and abilities. In fact, this is a time where you’re meant to shine your little light and make money because of it. Don’t be shy when it comes to putting yourself in the spotlight and taking advantage of those money-making opportunities that are sure to come your way.

Even though you’re raking in the dough this month, you’ll want to tuck some away for a rainy day or aggravated expense. Mars will turn retrograde in your 8th House of Debt, Taxes, and Shared Expenses on June 26. This might delay news you’re hoping to receive about a loan or mortgage coming through. You might also feel hopelessly stuck in a situation concerning any money you owe. Fortunately, through August 27, you’ll have an opportunity to rework the strategy you’ve been using in order to whittle down this debt. Perhaps it’s a good time to consider consolidating your credit cards or making a deal with the IRS if you owe taxes.

Lastly, a Full Moon in your partnership sector on June 28 might have you realizing that your partner means business when it comes to achieving one of his or her personal goals … no matter what the cost.


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