Cancer Sun Aquarius Rising

A thin-skinned Cancer with an electric “live wire” personality? Now that’s a switch—but it works! Aquarius is the Big Attitude of the zodiac, so attitude is key here! A magnetic, friendly demeanor will work wonders, but a subconscious and unrecognized “will to disagree” can be devastating. If Cancerians born early evening are aware of and reasonably uninhibited by their emotions, the friendly, magnetic side of their Aquarius personality will blossom, making them a joy to be around and very “right on” in their perceptions of people and things. But when Aquarius rises there’s usually a penchant for strong opinions and a love of defending them. [..]

With sufficient objectivity, these Cancerians can use their Aquarius, the Electric Light Bulb, personality to garner success in many fields. They possess the qualities to be excellent promoters, enlightened physicians, or innovative engineers. Aquarius’ inclinations and interests almost always make for especially successful firefighters, soldiers, and airline workers. Cancerians with Aquarius rising are gifted at detecting error, and quick to notice the shortcomings and weaknesses in the plans and designs they’re assigned to work with. They take their duties seriously, hold themselves highly responsible, and expect the same from colleagues and associates. Cancer has little tolerance for a proposal that won’t work, and Aquarius is keenly aware of the dangers of technology or any risky venture, so these folks are always on guard and most comfortable when every precaution is taken, guaranteeing that the project will come off without a glitch. If they see shortcuts being taken, they might well become whistle-blowers. When Cancerians born early evening learn to trust their emotions without being enslaved to them, their professionalism is extraordinary.

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