Cancer Sun Cancer Moon

You are tremendously sensitive and self-protective. You have a shell which you crawl into periodically, or permanently, as a defense against the intrusions of the world. In personal matters you are touchy with a keen sense of injury and hurt at real or imagined offenses. Thus you are likely to become suspicious of other people and very cagey in all your dealings with them, either business or personal. You are highly affectionate and naturally demonstrative, but so afraid of being hurt and rebuffed that you may appear unapproachable. It takes a long time to win your confidence, and even when it’s apparently won, you’re likely to turn tail at some harsh word or uncongenial thought and put on your armor again. Thus, though you’re intensely domestic and love your home, you may not marry till late in life, and after marriage you may be, or may imagine yourself to be, unhappy in it because most other people in the world won’t satisfy your deep sense of sympathy and your need for it. You absorb all that it gives and then find hidden places of your soul that have not been saturated in it and brood. This sensitiveness, if turned to objective matters, can make you a very powerful artist along inspirationally creative lines.

If turned to business, your caution and suspiciousness make you a shrewd trader, and although you’re not really an executive, you may find yourself in executive positions where you will be able to outguess your subordinates or keep them on the hot seat with your taciturnity and periods of aloofness. You are a clever diplomat, your stock in trade being to let the other fellow talk till he’s worn himself out when you can trip him up. You fight by indirection and by outguessing your antagonist, rather than by frontal attack. Sometimes this will succeed in tripping yourself up but not often, for you can move quickly and in any direction. There are always likely to be flaws in your management and your best way to success is to leave the executive duties to someone else while you do the head work, for your timidity gets in the way of your management. You can be muddled and muddle everyone around you by your shifting tactics. Women with this position are good homemakers, loving wives and mothers, but difficult for their husbands, who never get to really know them in a life time of living together. This elusive quality is common to men and women of this combination, and though you crave society, companionship, and sympathy, you frequently fail to get it in sufficient quantity to satisfy you because of your fear of being hurt by it in the end. Courage! Let the world in, even if it does hurt: a little hurt is better than continual loneliness.

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