Cancer Sun Cancer Rising

Cancerians with Cancer rising are doubly cautious and subjective, but with a sunny morning time disposition. They’re unusually sentimental people who feel a lump in their throat at the mention of loved ones or memorable days gone by, and they reach out with emotional support to anyone in arm’s length with a broken limb or a broken heart. The mothering instinct is tremendously motivating in double Cancer. These folks are family-oriented, love their homestead, and, with a fierce pack rat tendency, they hold on dearly to family heirlooms or scrapbooks, sometimes stuffing the attic with so much memorabilia that it’s hard to make a path to the window. Still, family members are always welcome, if they can just find an uncluttered place to sit!

These Cancerians are boundless workaholics, self-starters who are never finished. In fact, they’ll feel guilty for not doing a better job when, in reality, they’re doing twice the work of everyone else. They just don’t stand off and look at things objectively! This is especially true when their emotions get the best of them. If they’re not vigilant, they can succumb to rollercoaster mood swings and a mired-in-the-past point of view that leaves them nursing old wounds. In the manager’s seat, they can be quite the slave driver, feeling hampered by underlings who simply aren’t as motivated as they are, or micro-managing an employee who made an honest mistake a year and a half ago. Whatever their vocation or relationship, they need to remember to step back and try to see things in context. Cancerians born at dawn are naturally drawn to property management, real estate, and construction and renovation.

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