Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon

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You are a good executive, your sensitive nature knowing how to reach out into the world and draw to itself the recognition that is so precious to you. You are a nice blend of the strictly personal, sensitive, protective spirit, and the calculating, shrewd, business man looking out for the main chance: thus you are able to accomplish your purposes without hurting any feelings and are likely to make many warm friends among business associates. You can drive a hard bargain with a smile on your face, and make the other fellow like and respect you even when he’s giving you the shirt off his back. You have keen insight into people. You are good at recognizing underlying motives, for you have a deep knowledge of yourself, and by judging the world according to your own intricate and varied processes, you are able to know most of your fellow men pretty well. You need affection and generally get plenty of it, for if you are a man you are a favorite with women; and if a woman, you have, over a distinct and appealing femininity, a masculine approach, a sense of good sportsmanship and fair play, that makes a strong appeal to men.

You know how to cooperate, have a generous regard for the rights of others – just as you expect them to have a regard for your rights – and this quality makes human relationships, in private or public life, easy and satisfactory.

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