Cancer Sun Capricorn Rising

Tradition and practicality is the name of the game here, but these folks are far too serious for my taste! They too easily become the trolls under the bridge with “somebody’s gotta do it” written all over their uninspired faces. A better attitude works wonders! With the cautious sensitivity of Cancer and the calm, cool, and collected respectfulness of Capricorn, Cancerians with Capricorn rising are master manipulators with a fair-minded and nurturing awareness that benefits everyone involved. Their cautious touch and their “goes around, comes around” sensibility are two of their most powerful tools and commendable qualities. Because they’re consistently aware that “one hand washes the other,” they’re hard-working, even-tempered, and inclined to treat employees and co-workers like family. But an overly serious Capricorn demeanor sometimes obscures their deep emotional sensitivity. If they aren’t careful, they can develop an “all work and no play” attitude, especially if they succumb to the Cancer proclivity to feel like they’re going broke.


Cancerians born at sundown love a dependable routine. They play by the rules, and “if it’s not in the book, we’re not doing it that way!” Tasks and procedures that others find boring might well be these people’s cup of tea. They like things systematic. And with Cancer’s love of family, they’re definitely the sort to carry on the family business, making fudge or furniture or widgets and sprockets exactly the way Mom and Pop made them fifty years ago. If they’ll be a bit more demonstrative in their affections, they’ll be invited to lunch and to parties more often; their peers do genuinely love the willing worker and the sensitive soul beneath the stoic exterior.

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