Cancer Sun Gemini Moon

Cancer Sun Gemini MoonCancer Sun Gemini Moon – Sensitivity, flexibility, and adaptability are your strengths – and your weaknesses!

You feel the world around you, people, facts, situations, with an almost too-acute sensitiveness. In a man’s horoscope this makes you trusting, eager, anxious to please, susceptible, and teachable; it also makes you a little wavering, a little indecisive, a little too ready to agree. You are internally not sure of yourself despite your glibness and facility. You express too readily, inclining to agree and tell all your plans before they are complete. You can cultivate self-confidence by cultivating reserve, for in life, as in poker, you stand a better chance of winning the pot if you don’t tip your hand before the draw.

In a woman’s horoscope, this is considerably better than in a man’s. Here it is the archetype of the well-known woman’s intuition. Your indecision is made to appear tact, your quality of saying yes, which is weak in a man, becomes feminine and appealing, and because you conceal a considerable amount of purpose, like a stiletto under your feminine trailing skirts, you are pretty likely to be a success in business. Circumstances, or your own restlessness, are likely to take you into a career; you don’t care for housekeeping and would rather work ten hours a day in business than boil an egg. Your very manner is flattering to the bosses, and you have pushed ahead.

In either sex, this is a highly emotional position, and erratic early years, with their share of love affairs, should teach you a good deal about the way of the world. Here, again, the women of this sign learn more readily than the men. The women continue romantic and impressionable to the end, to be sure, and are independent in matters of their emotions; but they know what they’re up to. They have been hurt and know how to avoid being hurt again without giving up anything. If you’re a man with this combination, your youth may have been stormy, and indecision may have been costly to you, but you tend to maintain a glowing optimism; everything is going to be all right, and something will turn up. You believe in luck, whether good or bad. Also in Justice, Truth, and the eventual reward of the righteous. What you have to cultivate is push, integration of purpose, and a goal, an objective, a set ambition.

Whether male or female, this position calls for an early conquering of the restless, touchy, and romantic sensitiveness and a firm integration of purpose, after which your qualities of good-fellowship and understanding of people, coupled with your quick and facile mind, will bring you the goods of the world that are so important to you.

Gemini Moon/ Cancer Sun

Cancer Sun Gemini Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Warm, personable and understanding;
  • Negatives: Gossipy, selfish and indecisive;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who has a lot of patience;
  • Advice: They should set more time aside for introspection.

The Cancer Sun Gemini Moon man

The Cancer Sun Gemini Moon man has a great intuition and sensitivity. He’s flexible and can adapt to any situation. But this can be both his weakness and his strength.

He is always connected to those around him and wants to please. All in all, he’s a kind person whom anyone can impress.

Usually trusting others, he will suffer many disappointments because of this. And when it will happen, he’ll close into himself.

The Cancer Sun Gemini Moon woman

This lady demands a lot from herself but at least this keeps her busy all the time, so she won’t have too much time to succumb to worries.

She wants to help everyone because she’s a kind soul. Flexible, the Cancer Sun Gemini Moon woman can adapt to any situation and behavior. But she needs to think of herself more because she tends to put others first all the time.

Her feelings are often reflecting the environment that surrounds her. There’s no one better at memorizing and learning new things than this girl. Not to mention how intelligent, funny and refined she is.

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