Cancer Sun Gemini Rising

Now these folks wear their hearts on their sleeve, always ready and willing to ramble on about how they feel and why they feel that way. They’re glib and personal. But don’t let them get their feelings hurt! They’ll give you a gush of emotion in a heartbeat. They’re more obvious and naive than most other Cancerians, and they’re often very cute in their demeanor. They give the impression they wouldn’t hurt a fly—and they wouldn’t! Cancerians born pre-dawn are involved parents and genuinely concerned friends. The sensitivity of Cancer and the inquisitive geniality of Jitterbug Gemini work in tandem to produce a lot of heartfelt concern, often expressed through easy conversation. These people are always willing to share their time and talk to others about their problems, whether it’s at the kitchen table or over the telephone. Their door is always open, and friends and family members who need a place to stay can count on their homespun hospitality for a bed and breakfast.

The Cancer ego mitigates some of Gemini’s less positive qualities. Quick-minded Gemini often causes shallow thinking and some lack of tact, but Cancer’s sensitivity provides a feeling for the deeper significance of any issue at hand. Cancer’s caution also puts a bridle on Gemini’s tendency to ramble.

Cancer’s emotions, however, can sometimes be a bit draining, rendering these people needy in romantic relationships. They might be easily wounded, and very quick to remove themselves from attachments in which they feel even remotely used, slighted, or unappreciated. And later, in the quiet after the storm, their Cancerian nostalgia might move them to reminisce and idealize a tad too much: They’re deeply touched by all of their emotional experiences. What they need is a friend as true-blue as they are. Just as they’re always willing to lend a shoulder to cry on, Cancerians born pre-dawn shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask for some emotional support every now and then.

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