Cancer Sun Libra Rising

These people start out trying to please everyone, and they stay in everybody’s face! They’re more aware of the people around them than almost any other combination in the zodiac. They’re sociable, obliging, and interested in everyone within earshot.

Cancerians born at noontime are ambitious overseers who willingly put in as many hours as necessary to get the job done. They have managerial objectivity and, with an eagle’s eye for what’s fair, they want to keep every team member happily involved and enthusiastic. With their Likable Libra personality and sensitive Cancer ego, they foster consideration and cooperation among their co-workers, clients, and customers. They never ask others to do more than they’re willing to do themselves. It’s in their nature to be aware of everyone else’s reactions, and, at their best, they gauge their own effectiveness through the positive responses and cooperation they receive from others. In a way, they love themselves through the people around them. When they’ve earned the seat of authority, they’re keenly aware of the contributions of each employee; they don’t overburden their staff, but neither do they tolerate laziness. These Cancerians are effective property managers and, with their obliging Libra personality, they’re often highly successful wheeler-dealers; but if their susceptibility to avarice leads them to want more than their fair share, they can suddenly find themselves undermining their own best qualities. They really need to keep the green-leaf greediness of Cancer in check. They’re also highly visible restaurateurs, attentive to their customers, obviously happy to see their friends again, and enjoying moving from table to table to make sure the meals are satisfactory and the room temperature is just right.

The Cancer temptation to live in the past is mitigated in this combination; there’s less tendency to bemoan yesterday’s misfortunes or to be controlled by past mistakes. Their acute awareness of the people and things around them, and the enjoyment they reap from their interactions, tends to keep them living in the here and now. These Cancerians do well to follow their inclination toward an enlightened patience, allowing things to develop in their own good time. They benefit most when they leave the door propped open, so opportunity can return when the time is right.

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