Cancer Sun Pisces Moon

You have a sailboat personality; you tack with the wind and tide, shift your ballast, alter the top rigging, and keep in cahoots with the weather conditions as you find them. This makes for progress whether on the high seas or on the sea of life. You are a diplomat and will be found not where the battle is thickest but where the entrenchments are strongest. You are a staunch upholder of the status quo and will rarely be found on the wrong side of an argument. You are so agreeable, so pleasant, so affable, that it’s hard to know where you stand, or how long you are going to stand there. But your practical sense is so keen that anyone who follows your lead is likely to find himself, with you, pretty well out in front when the race is over. You are suspicious of others and do not take many into your confidence; you do not give out inside tips on the races, but play your hunches yourself, much to your advantage.

You are an adept at outguessing the boss and can say “Yes” before he has a chance to turn around; thus, by anticipating his wishes, you make yourself popular and stand to advance. You are a shrewd businessman, drive a hard bargain, and understand all the profit-making methods, and, having no especial feeling for the rights of others, may be an efficiency expert of no small value. You are self-protective, defensive, and cautious, and although you think in large financial terms, are willing to get to them by small savings and judicious management; you are rarely found in want. You can be popular, in a large, broad way, with groups of people, though in personal contact you are a little suspicious and, despite a real craving for affection, hold yourself aloof for fear of being fooled or imposed on. When you overcome this, or when someone can win your confidence, you are the most loving of persons; but you always have to watch out that your suspicion doesn’t arise and injure the course of true love. Learn to be somewhat less secretive, a little more open, a little less cagey, whether in personal or public dealings. Be fooled once in a while: it’s good for your soul.

Grant Lewi

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