Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon

Your idealism finds good practical expression. You have translated your very intimate type of ambition into large symbols and set yourself a high goal at which to aim. There’s a wide streak of sentimentality in you. You are something of a hero-worshiper and usually select some individual as your ideal whom you strive to emulate and imitate. You believe in the conventional virtues so far as personal conduct is concerned – that is, you believe in them for other people. Where your own emotions come into play, you do pretty much as you please, feeling that your philosophy in some way justifies what would be mere fickleness or sensationalism in someone else. You have a wide view of things and through imagination, vision, and foresight, (which take into consideration the temper of your associates) you are able to organize your life on a long-range basis and stick to your plan of action. You want to be rich, not secure; famous, not popular; adored, not merely loved. You are not one for halfway measures, and you despise low aims, petty ideals, insignificant ambitions. Earth may be your home, but heaven’s your destination. You are philosophic, speculative, a bit mystical, and probably also superstitious, with some pet theory, belief, or symbol that stands for your luck and your success. In human relations you are warmhearted, affectionate, sensitive to the needs of others, genial and courteous. You have a forceful manner of speech and, despite your diplomacy, people know where you stand.

The beautiful has a great appeal for you, and no matter how much of a man of the world you may be, there’s something of the poet, the aesthete, about you. Your philosophy and your intellect go deeper into things than do your emotions. You express yourself romantically and sentimentally, but your ardor gives the impression of being the product of an ideal rather than a spontaneous emotional expression. You are very sensitive and easily hurt, but you forgive readily and don’t hold grudges, except when you have reason to suspect duplicity, when you are capable of never trusting that individual again.

Both men and women with this position are likely to “marry well.”

Grant Lewi

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