Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon

Your strong personal magnetism and keen sense of dramatic values makes you a person to be reckoned with; wherever you are, people will know you are around for some reason or other, for yours is a personality that attracts attention. In horoscopes of men this will assist you in drama, the arts, or medicine; in women’s horoscopes the business bent is strong, and through energy, insight, and magnetic control over others (who may or may not like it, but have to mind anyway) these women gain considerable influence. You are not so popular as you are impelling; there is a certain dignity about you that stands up under all circumstances where your emotions are not involved and demands recognition. You are very proud, jealous of your authority when you have it, eager to get it if you haven’t it.

When you aren’t involved in some romance (which isn’t often) you are capable of the extremes of concentration on a purpose. You have a self-protective ruthlessness although you don’t like to hurt people, for you are not unkind or cruel; but if there’s a choice between hurting yourself and hurting someone else, let the other fellow look out! You are not an idealist. Practical dollars and sense, earthly love, worldly ambition, and worldly goods are the tenets of your creed. You’ve never sworn to abhor the World, the Flesh, and the Devil for there is a liberal share of all of them in you. You are lavish in your affections, demonstrative and ardent, but not especially faithful, though you’re likely to return from your escapades to the one and only who more than likely is more constant than you merit. Men with this position usually select vital girls who lead them a merry chase – but no merrier than they deserve. You can succeed in the arts when you have learned to use your dramatic and magnetic gifts constructively, and when you have settled the personal, romantic side of your life.

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