Cancer Sun Scorpio Rising

Cancer Sun Scorpio RisingAmbition, passion, energy, and a “grab the handle, we’re outta here!” gusto characterizes these Energizer bunnies – Cancer Sun Scorpio Rising.

These are highly active, emotionally motivated Cancerians. They’re handy, sexy, and totally focused on whatever they’ve chosen to accomplish, whether in the home or out in the workaday world. But their green-leaf greed and “I’m goin’ broke” insecurities usually lead them to want more than they’ve already accumulated, leaving them with no clue that “more is never enough.” The engine’s always running here. Fortunately, they possess natural stamina or their constantly revving engine would wear itself out in no time.

Cancerians with Scorpio rising are in tune with the processes of perpetuating life: Conception, mothering, and nurturing are innate parts of their personality. They’re successful breeders of puppies, or gardeners with remarkably green thumbs, possibly so proficient in these areas that they can make a vocation of them. And with Cancer’s penchant for real estate and Scorpio’s inclination for lending, they’re often very knowledgeable mortgage brokers. The blending of other Cancer and Scorpio traits can also lead them into banking, insurance, home renovation, and the healing arts.

Mysterious Scorpio always has an uncanny ability to see around corners and under rocks, and Cancer possesses a heightened sensitivity, so, whatever their profession, Cancerians born early afternoon are rarely caught by surprise. They’re usually adept at comprehending the hidden meaning. They have a sixth sense that makes for marvelous instincts. But their weakness might be found in their Cancer tendency to be too thin-skinned, getting caught up in their emotions.

When their feelings get hurt and they harbor resentment, they have the capacity to become quite vindictive. They have a potential for ruthlessness that can leave their adversaries wounded and suffering. Cancerians with Scorpio rising are wise to avoid imagining insult where none was intended, or disloyalty where it doesn’t exist. They need to avoid purposely surrounding themselves with people who are less aware than they, just because they’ll be easier to control; eventually these Cancerians will come to resent these very people for their apparent inferiority, even if they’re simply being themselves.

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