Cancer Sun Taurus Moon

You are a person of considerable charm and talent, versatile, sensitive, and adaptable, but with a certain core of determination and hard purpose that is very close to your heart. If it weren’t for this you might be called “sweet,” because there are about you a graciousness and ease of manner that endear you to people and make you popular. You understand what people want in their friends and sweethearts and manage to give it without giving up any of your individuality. You don’t take yourself very seriously, but you know what you are after. You tend to be objective because you have been introspective in your day and know yourself and your purposes well enough to understand that you must – work for what you want. The only magic you believe in is the magic of your own ability.

You are a realist, but you frequently work in romantic creative mediums. You are capable of writing or thinking allegory, and you like to spin yarns of fairies or paint pictures with a slightly eerie overtone. Everything you do – emotional, structural, creative – has a touch of the magnificent or the unusual, for you are strongly original, and you bring to your originality enough of a knowledge of your public to make it acceptable to them. It’s unusual without being bizarre; it plays up their own dreams at the same time that it satisfies yours. In romance you are impressionable but have a: good sense of balance and proportion; you don’t get swept off your feet even when you are greatly impressed mentally or emotionally. You are a well organized and well-controlled person. This is a position of good luck in material matters. You can be successful in business where your qualities of imagination and foresight are turned to good account, and if you are in a professional or artistic career, your feeling for the public makes your work popular.

This is an excellent domestic indication for either a man or a woman and shows the likelihood of a good wife (husband) and a happy home which means much in the life-progress; it also increases the number of children.

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