Cancer Sun Virgo Moon

You have come a long way from the child who was sensitive, timid, and afraid of his own shadow; for though you are still sensitive, and to some extent timid, you have rationalized yourself out of these traits and by sheer will-power and mental force taken your place in the world as a person to be reckoned with. You are still conscious of an inner quaver when you try to make important decisions, and especially when you try to make others do your bidding; but so strong is your need for success, and so completely have you developed reserve and poise beneath your protective armor, that you are likely to find yourself in some place of importance, with people hanging on your word and doing as you tell them. You are not an easy master, for being fundamentally unsure of yourself, you reverse this into being even more of an autocrat than is necessary and insist on absolute adherence to the letter of the law – and especially to your word.

You are utterly conventional, and although you may think along advanced social lines, you are a strict believer in authority – especially your own authority. Your power over people arises from your sensitiveness to what they are thinking and feeling and your ability to put yourself in their places without giving up your own individuality. Your tact can be either constructive, contributing to your progress, or it can be weak and subservient; but in either case it is dictated by your feeling for policy and expediency. You will rarely be found fighting a losing cause; you, like the God of Battles, will be found on the side of the greatest numbers. You are a sweet and tractable person, highly amenable to sympathy, affection, and understanding; thrown off your balance and confused by hardness or unkindness but capable of striking back if your opponent is not too big for you. You develop fearlessness and courage out of a feeling of shame over being the reverse. You are a loyal and understanding sweetheart (husband, wife) though you can drive your spouse crazy with your sensitiveness. And as an employer you can muddle those under you by changing your mind all the time. You must cultivate real self-confidence in order that your truly great abilities may meet with adequate recognition in the world.

Grant Lewi

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