Cancer Sun Virgo Rising

Modest and helpful, with an intelligent wanderlust in their eyes, these people wish the world were perfect and they’ll use every bit of elbow grease they have to make it that way When the industrious, unassuming ego of Cancer combines with Virgo’s helpfulness and productivity, the result is an extremely unassuming, self-motivated worker; these Cancerians are the kind of people who project an always-useful volunteer spirit at the Chamber of Commerce, the PTA, or whatever other community efforts they might join. Beyond their Cancer diligence lies a profound awareness that what they give to others they also give to themselves. They’re always modest and usually very caring people. In fact, they’re sometimes so caring and so unselfish that they’re easily taken advantage of. They’re well-advised to wisely pick and choose how, when, and where they apply their helpfulness, or they’ll end up with others heaping added responsibilities onto their shoulders, leaving them to do everyone else’s work as well as their own. Fair-minded peers and colleagues hold these Cancerians in high esteem, but if the goldbrickers get wind of these people’s willingness to offer unlimited favors, the moochers will form a parasitic line out the door and around the block. But these folks rarely complain. Oh, they might fuss and pick about inconsequential details in typical Virgo style, but their willing worker helpfulness remains intact no matter what. Being fair to themselves doesn’t always come easily to these Good Samaritans. They’re usually very humble. [..]

Virgo, the Worry Wart, often creates some undue anxiety over health and weight issues, and Virgo’s neatness coupled with Cancer’s emphasis on house and home creates an intolerance for dust on the furniture or litter on the floor. These Cancerians’ houses are neat as a pin, and all their knickknacks are well-placed and orderly. On the job, they’re super retailers with what might be the most beautiful display windows in town. They’re also fabulous make-up artists; genuinely caring and wonderfully efficient nurses; or, with their ability to tie up loose ends at the very last moment, they might be highly dependable payroll clerks.

☉ Sun in Cancer + Virgo Asc (rising sign)

Health and Immunity

You are a well-balanced person and take care of yourself and other people. However, you can suffer from colic, flatulence, intestinal problems and blood diseases. Eczema and allergies are also typical problems, since a state of concern adversely affects your skin.

Cancer Sun Virgo Rising Personality

Your Sun sign is Cancer, which means that it is only when people know you well that your Cancer traits become obvious. They may be different from your outward appearance, which is influenced by your Ascendant sign.
Your Ascendant sign is Virgo, which means that, at first glance, people feel the influence of Virgo on your outward appearance It may be different from your inner self, which defined by your Sun sign.

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