Capricorn Horoscope 2015

This year you will feel a need to reassess goals for the future. The goals you presently hold are no longer practical in light of new situations you are moving into or new information you are receiving. They are outdated either because of external changes in your environment or internal changes in your personality. Perhaps they are now inconsistent with your present or future needs for fulfillment. A lack or loss of goals can be implied by Saturn in Scorpio, but generally as old goals prove unworkable, new ones will arise to take their place.

Working with a group of people may give you a better sense of discipline and organization than you would have on your own since you are more likely to take on extra responsibility. You can work harder for the sake of group goals and the extra push might prove ultimately beneficial for all. One astrologer with this Saturn placement taught a group of other astrologers a particular astrological technique and eventually used his organized notes to publish a complete course. However, group dynamics can be cumbersome. You might feel that your individual opinions and identity are lost because of the democratic process and the need to conform.

There will be times when you disagree with group leadership or direction. Even if you are the leader, your ideas and opinions can still be watered down by the need for agreement. But working with a group might help you to get off the ground and push you toward making your goals a reality.

Friendships can be lost during the year and there are several possible reasons why this might occur. Most commonly, either you or your friend move, relocating at a great distance away. If you and your husband, wife, lover or partner are splitting up, friends will tend to fall into either camp. They drop away if they were primarily connected to your mate or set on seeing the two of you as a couple.

Serious or older friends are also indicated by this placement. Those friends who were mere playmates tend to be less prominent as the year wears on. Your focus is more on business relationships geared toward making connections than on casual friendships. Obligatory friendships (more commonly seen in the business world) are possible.

Money from your career may decrease this year, especially if you are pursuing a goal that cannot be financially lucrative, at least in less than one year’s time. Long-term goals tend to be more consistent with this placement than short-term goals or immediate compensation.

In this sense, you may work harder for the same amount of money or even less. Wage freezes are rare but possible; raises may be delayed during the year. For any promotion, you may have to assume extra responsibility to receive any monetary increase. Volunteer work can also be implied by this placement.

From June 2015 until June 2016 good news: Others naturally come to your aid, giving more assistance and support than you expected or even thought you needed. If you are in a difficult situation, others readily offer to help. This can occur without asking, but the possibilities become even stronger if you not only recognize and foster the help available to you, but also ask specifically for what you need. Somebody may be in the perfect position to actualize your goals, and partnerships of this nature enable you to accomplish together what you would not have attempted alone. Help may be either tangible or intangible. Under the best possible circumstances, you benefit directly or indirectly from others in more ways than one. For example, if you are married, you benefit through your spouse since what he or she receives trickles down to you.

Individuals offer their insight into your problems or situation, and you progress through what another knows or has learned. The objective view helps you to see and interpret life more clearly. Usually the message is encouraging. Exchanging knowledge is important with this placement, but this is not all that is exchanged.

Relationships can improve; good marriages become better. If you have had a problem relating in the past, this interpretation is particularly apparent. Difficult marital problems tend to be resolved, especially if professional help is sought (individual or marital counseling). Under therapeutic conditions, those you are involved with become more apt to listen to your complaints and make concessions.

Perhaps you are also more insightful and better able to explain your position. Great strides can be made because something suddenly clicks in your consciousness, adjusting your pattern for intimacy. Regardless of your marital situation, good relationships with a variety of people in a variety of situations could exist. If you are able to create a climate of compatibility and harmony, your success in any endeavor during the year can be augmented by cooperation with others. If you are unable to work with others, you will lose out on this experience of mutual gain.

Sometimes personal benefits are not realized because of the overwhelming emphasis on the partner’s needs to the exclusion of your own. In negative situations, personal needs are not only dwarfed, but drowned out completely by the interests of another. Relationships can be so excessive that one goes overboard in an attempt to please. Even what initially appears to be a benefit can negate your self-interest and ultimately fulfill your partner’s requirements only. Within this context, benefits cannot be considered all good. For example, if your spouse is offered a position overseas, you may be thrilled about the possibility of living in a foreign country, but you may be forced to give up a lot in order to go. You need to assess the effect leaving has on your long-term goals. You may be able to set aside your personal needs for one or two years’ time in order to benefit from a new experience coming to you directly through the spouse. But instead, it may be difficult, if not impossible, for you to leave at this time.

One must control the swing of the pendulum. In the worst-case scenario, you will not be aware your own needs are being overrun. It is at this time that someone will step forward and make an observation that will change your perspective, if you are willing to listen.

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