Capricorn Horoscope 2022

People belonging to zodiac sign Capricorn have to take many important and tough decisions this year. And your family members and friends might not agree to those decisions though. But you might have to circumvent their feelings since these decisions will be quite important for yourself. You will find yourself dedicated to doing good works to help others and this thing will make you different from others. But apart from it, you will not find yourself satisfied from the core of the heart. You might keep contemplating and feel uneasy. It is being suggested that you must not get hyper or aggressive while taking any decision. Make sure you are making a decision after understanding everything in a great manner. Whether it is your personal or professional life, you need to do everything, hereby putting the best efforts.

You will find new opportunities in your business and put a lot of hard work to pull off those deals. You might face health and finance related issues. This year, you will also visit new places. If you have been looking forward to going for a foreign trip, there are open-arm chances it can happen.


Profession and finance in the 2022 horoscope

The Capricorn starts the new year 2022 with great success . the business planet is on your side . So take advantage of the moment and new doors will open.

After a creative phase until April, you will be slowed down a bit, but an ibex cannot be stopped. You will succeed in the second attempt.

In early summer you should put your pride aside and accept help. As a team, you can reach your goal just as well. In August all your successes are in dry towels and you can use September to the fullest to relax.

From 28.9. you will quickly find your way back to everyday life, so that from 20.12. all signs point to a successful end of the year.


This year might not be that successful for you. Therefore it requires you to be quite careful so that you can easily confront the financial issues in your life easily. This year, you are going to have a lot of expenses, and sometimes they will increase, which will also lead to stress. This year, you should not invest since this year is not going to be great for you in respect of finance. After September, you will find the situation under control. You will find new opportunities and ideas to make more money. But you need to be careful and not rely on any shortcut otherwise you might have to go through some issues. You might also have to pay medical bills in order to have a healthy and fit life. This year, you may have to spend on religious activities. You will travel to the cities for either personal or professional reasons. You can control the splurge on traveling by preparing strong planning.

Though 2022 will not be that much good, it does not mean that you will not earn. You will have a good earning. All you need to do is just create a balance between your splurging and earning. Chances are high that you might not be able to handle your finances because of some unexpected expenses. You can even make money by giving your property on rent. Apart from it, May to June is the duration that will churn out more benefits for you. You may buy property in between August to October. But you also need to make sure that you are using money in the right way so not to confront any financial issue.


People who have been job hunting for a long time will get a permanent solution for sure. Many of you might have to transfer to a new place regarding the job. Foreign trips. And the best thing is that you will have positive results out of these trips. You will come across many new opportunities to progress in your life. People who are already working in multinational companies will also taste new success and many rewards. You also need to understand that you have to do a lot of work this year.

You should not start any new business or work. If you have been doing business already, then you need to put in best efforts to gain better results. The more you will put efforts, the more you will get success. People, who are indulged in fields such as Travelling, Engineering, IT sector etc., will get success. Chances are high that you might get success in your business in between 30 March and 30 June. On the other hand, you should also be extra careful during mid-September. If you have been working, then you need to have patience. You might leave a job if you feel uneasy and stressful. And therefore, you need to be extra careful and not lose your temper easily. If you will take your decision patiently, then excellent results will be in front of you.


This year will be quite good for your academic results. Though students also need to put the best efforts, it is not good to stay dependable completely on the horoscope. The duration between March 30 to June 30 will be in your favor including the students enrolling for higher studies. Your mind will get developed and the power of accumulating knowledge too. You will love learning things. Students preparing for competitive exams will also find this year in their favor. Mid of September will be the month in which you will get more success. And therefore you should put the best efforts in your study to get the best results. Do preparation for your exam.

If you have been trying to get enrolled in foreign universities, you will get success in that too. In mid of September money, Rahu will be in the fifth house and therefore you might have to face some issues but you will handle everything smoothly.

Forgotten Capricorn take the next step

This year will be a lot different for the Capricorn, because you let your partner look deep into your heart at the beginning of the year. So it means: Hello, soft core.

But you will not miss out on eroticism either , because the erotic planet Mars will be in your zodiac sign throughout March . So it’s definitely around the bedroom. In addition, you know your partner well and know what their deepest desires and needs look like.

Don’t despair, even if there are minor quarrels in August. Do not play the offended liver sausage, but look for a clarifying conversation. After that, there is nothing standing in the way of family planning in October.

Before you can celebrate a contemplative Christmas, there will be a repeat of the August quarrels in November, but here too there will be talks from November 22nd. the solution to all problems.

Single Capricorn open to love

Usually, as an Capricorn , you are not exactly known for being particularly deep and opening up quickly to another person. However, this will change in 2022. Already at the beginning of the year you are more than open to great emotions and you can find them too.

In March it gets pretty hot when the passionate planet Mars appears in your zodiac sign. You are now particularly valued for knowing exactly what each other wants from you – in and out of the bedroom.

In August you find that flirting is not so easy for you, but don’t give up on it. In October things are uphill again and the Christmas festival could also be a festival of love for even single people.
For your love life, this year will also be good. Moreover, if you are engaged with someone in a long distance relationship, 2022 is going to be great for both of you. People, who have been living away from their beloved will also have a reunion as it is on the cards. On the other hand, some people may have to go away from their beloved, but even then they won’t be deprived of happiness in your love life.

People who are single can get mingle this year. The duration between “March 30 to June 30” seems to be quite good and chances are high that you might tie a knot between November 20 till the end of the year. If you are in love with someone, then you should propose to her or him. People who are already in love will also find more dedication towards each other.

Your health in the 2022 annual horoscope

Reason and Capricorn? That fits together! This year, too, you know your body well and what you can expect it to do when.

Your physical fitness makes the start of the new year perfect. Until January 21 they are full of strength and energy. And in the further course, the signs point to a good body feeling. In May you can enjoy with all your senses and take a break after a few exhausting months.

Because from July, stress could be more difficult for you than you were used to. To be able to switch off after this stressful phase, try new recipes and pamper your body with vitamins so that you can get through the cold season in a healthy way.

Shortly before Christmas, on December 21st, there is a small sun sign and you can see what makes you really happy in your heart.
You will get rid of diseases you have been suffering from a long time. You might have to do a lot of hard work this year and that will lead to making you a bit tired. You need to remain active and full of energy this year.

THE ANNUAL HOROSCOPE FOR THE CAPRICORN 2022 by star astrologer Erich Bauer

You know that you are a workhorse. Where others throw in the towel (too much, too difficult, too long, too exhausting …), you really get going. That is why the enormous workload that awaits you in the next twelve months cannot frighten you. They have a lot to do and are not allowed to look at the watch (overtime!) Or become impatient (repetitions!). First, Pluto is in your zodiac sign. It is considered the engine of life, which everything must follow: the old fades away, the new arises …. So you have to let go. Second, Jupiter moves through your zodiac sign and sometimes connects to Pluto. Thirdly, Saturn also moves into your zodiac sign in spring and then again from July and connects with Pluto and Jupiter. Dear Capricorn, such an agglomeration of important planets in your own zodiac sign only occurs every few 100 years. No question, you are facing an all-important year, probably the most important of your life. Something really big is waiting for you. Maybe you will shine with your current job. Maybe you start something new that bears your name. As I said, it’s going to be exhausting, it’s like a mountain tour. The climb is difficult. But the peak feeling – the wide view, the superiority over those who stayed “down”, the pride about overcoming yourself – that is the highest for an ibex. The following is also important: The position of the planet Uranus indicates that you will be forming more rope teams in the coming year. Then the way up to the summit is not so difficult and you are not so alone.

Love and fun: As you know, they are cool, covered, careful on the outside. Her motto: Everyone should not immediately recognize your true feelings. But there are them in you, the great feelings, they are protected by the moon. Show people you trust this other side – a deep sea of ​​feelings, and thanks to the moon 2022 it will be even stronger, more beautiful and more natural. Neptune, on the other hand, provides you with an almost magical charisma and Uranus makes sure that you always find time for love despite your busy, busy year.

Jupiter’s happiness and success

Jupiter is in its own sign Capricorn and will stay there until December 19, 2022, which for the Capricorn-born gives the aspect of the wonderful conjunction, which occurs only every 12 years. In the weeks of transit – when Jupiter moves on the birthdays of the individual ibexes – new opportunities will now open up to allow you to develop personally. Most of the time, you now have a good relationship with your superiors, which could favor career advancement. If you are a boss yourself, you could be pleasantly surprised by your employees. Perhaps you will now get a remarkable recognition from the public or even a prize, a lot of praise and thereby protection from others. Every form of further education is now favored, and there is now much that can be done to improve one’s character. And last but not least, one could now achieve considerable success in financial matters, but be warned of any kind of exaggeration. The motto is not to jeopardize the good results.

Saturn’s Trials and Rewards

The strict teacher Saturn stays in Capricorn and Aquarius in the lunar year 2022, because because when he will have entered Aquarius from Capricorn, he will decline and therefore return to Capricorn. Whereupon he becomes direct again and gets into Aquarius again. Of course, this always changes the aspects, either from positive to critical or vice versa, from critical to positive. Here is an overview of Saturn’s positions:

Saturn in Capricorn: 1.1.2022 – 22.3.2022, 2.7.2022 – 17.12.2022.

Saturn in Aquarius: March 22, 2022 – July 2, 2022, December 17, 2022 – March 7, 2023.

Saturn in Capricorn also results in a conjunction for Capricorns , which means that the great teacher must continue to face disabilities and delays. In contrast to Jupiter, which ensures development. The ibex will experience both, very good possibilities, and then suddenly difficulties again. So it is important to keep optimism, because, as is well known, the sun always comes after the rain. Saturn in Aquarius gives the aspect of the semi-sextile. The conjunction has already dissolved, but a neighboring sign is always very alien to its own nature, and now we have to learn to adjust to situations that we are not so familiar with. And Aquarius has a lot to do with sudden changes and striving for freedom. Capricorns are now required to react flexibly to the requirements.

A wealth of ideas, energy and energy from Mars

At the beginning of the year and until February 16, the energy planet is in Sagittarius and thus forms a semi-sextile to the ibex sun, which is why it will now require a lot of effort and willpower from them. But if this happens, there will be very good results.

From February 1st to March 30th, Mars moves through the Capricorn and forms a conjunction, so that a lot of energy and willpower is now available. This Markonjunction can be the basis of many constructive achievements, since these forces also bring a lot of courage and leadership qualities.

From March 30th to May 13th , Mars will be in Aquarius, which will result in a semi-sextile again, which is why you have to make some efforts to get good results.

From May 13 to June 28, Mars is in the fish. This now results in a pleasant sextile, and that means that the Martian energy and willpower can now be converted into constructive activities and work.

From June 28 to the end of the year , Mars is in the ram, which now results in a square position. There is still a lot of power available to the shooters, but you have to be careful not to leave these forces unchecked, otherwise they could break out in aggression.

Mercury’s communication skills for work, money and leisure
The very best times of Mercury are shown from January 1st to 16th (Mercury in its own sign), which only takes a relatively short time this year and should therefore be used intensively.

There are other good times in the communications area from April 27th to May 11th (trine), and the second good trine time is from August 20th to September 5th. A lot can succeed in these advantageous trine times. For example, if you plan to change jobs, you should use this time now.

Sextile benefits Mercury is available from March 16 to April 11 and from August 20 to September 5. Anyone who makes intensive use of all these good times of Mercury will be very satisfied with their business, negotiations and intellectual work.

Mercury is in decline three times a year, and that means traditionally and experience has shown that the god of merchants could now become the god of thieves, which is why special care is required in these times when negotiating, contracts, doing business and making important purchases so that no mistakes can happen :

These maybe critical times are: 17.2.-10.3., 18.6.-12.7. and 14.10.-3.11.

Venus gives love, beauty and interest in art

The most intense times of love are only shown again in January 2021 (Venus in its own sign), which can then be lived optimally again. But there are numerous other, also very good, love times this year.

For example, these are the good Venus times with trine advantages. They are available from March 5 to April 3 and from October 2 to 28, which indicate romantic , artistic, creative and happy weeks.

Venus sextile benefits are shown from January 13th to February 7th and from November 21st to December 15th. So have fun and enjoyable times with the well-meaning and beguiling Venus, which always promotes our popularity!

You also need to take care of your diet to stay fit and healthy. In mid-September, you will enjoy better health.