If you’re looking for a new job or need to hire any staff for your business, timing will be everything this month. Avoid initiating anything important connected to work, contracts, and conversations with colleagues near June 6 while Mercury is square nebulous Neptune. The dialogue will be choppy and misunderstood at best, and outright deceptive at worst. That means people are more likely to misrepresent themselves. In terms of work, that can only be a nightmare.

Instead, hold off until June 13 when a dazzling New Moon falls in your work sector. At this time and for two weeks after, you’ll have a much more supportive time initiating a job search or interviewing for that perfect new addition to your company. This will also be an ideal time to begin a new fitness regime or other wellness program you’ve wanted to implement. Make those doctor’s appointments you’ve been putting off as well. The conversations you have with health care providers will teach you a great deal about being more proactive about your health.

Financially speaking, it’s possible that you’ll feel ready to take more of a risk with your investment portfolio after June 13. Usually you’re such a cautious and risk-averse sign, so when it comes to your money, you’re not one to gamble. Until July 9, however, you’ll be in a phase where you feel more optimistic about making certain investments. Instead of researching endlessly, it’s possible that you’ll take the plunge and put some real skin into the game.

While there are supportive indications for investment money and situations that involve other people’s resources this month, your own personal finances might shift into a certain stagnation by the end of the month. Mars, the planet of motivation and assertive drive, will turn retrograde in your earned income sector, remaining retrograde through August 27. While this doesn’t necessarily have to suggest a slowdown in your earnings, it does suggest a recalibration is on the horizon when it comes to how you’re using your energy to make money. Are you maximizing your talents and truly going after what you want in terms of money? Now is the time to figure out what missing ingredient is preventing you from achieving your ultimate financial goals.

The month finishes off with a Full Moon in your sign on June 28. It will be closely lined up to Saturn, also in your sign. You are more aware than ever before how powerful and authoritative your presence in the world is. Use it wisely.


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