Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon

You have a hard determination within you that makes itself felt by others in the world of business or professional affairs and carries you far. A good healthy respect for yourself and your own talents demands the respect of others.

You have a great deal of drive and push which carry you up. You are conventional, believing in the status quo; eager to go with the right people and to live in the right part of town, and even your good business judgment may not keep you from living right up to the hilt of your income. But this is not likely ever to cause you any trouble. Your credit is good, and you are apt at turning to, in one way or another, when the checking account gets low. Intellectually, you are practical; knowledge for its own sake has no meaning to you and you will be a good student just so long as you are learning something of which you can see the practical advantage. You are an opportunistic student all your life and will excel in professional or vocational school rather than in a general cultural course. Similarly, in other walks of life, anything which is grist to your mill you will be interested in – people, clubs, meetings, and the like, for whether your ambitions are business or social, they are always in the forefront of your mind. Emotionally, you can be intense, but your intensity is not likely to be directed toward someone lower in the social or financial scale. Your calm and intelligence make you an admirable, companionable, and easy-going spouse provided your independence is not interfered with. What you lack in ardor you make up in stability. You won’t go out of your way for people you find dull or profitless, and your diplomacy is likely to break down in the presence of stupidity. Your pride is great and is likely to be based in your capabilities, your attainments, and your purchases rather than social prestige, for although you insist on having the right people around you, you insist, to yourself, that your worth must be proved.

Grant Lewi

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