Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising

First impressions are paramount here! The funny-bone side of the Big Attitude Aquarius personality doesn’t always come bubbling out with a calm, cool, and collected Capricorn ego, but if these people will allow their satirical sense to see the light of day, they’ll earn more favor and end up getting what they want with a lot less effort. Not that they’re short on effort! But a friendly, satirical sense brings good company to share it with, making it all the more enjoyable. Life’s just easier for people who make other people laugh, and a humorous comment with a cynical tone just might be the way these Capricorns put their “best foot forward.” There’s a lively electricity here, so once they’ve learned to step out of ego and cooperate with their friendly, “Gee, I kinda like that guy!” Aquarius personality, these Capricorns always end up in very good favor.


So the key here is learning to relax and keep a sense of humor. It’s all in the attitude! It’s imperative that these people keep their sour grapes under wraps. With Capricorn negativity they can develop a dangerously recalcitrant attitude in disagreement with all authority—and with Aquarius’ liking for things that go BANG!, whether it’s the Chinese New Year or a firearm—they need to cool their jets, relax, and lighten up. They mustn’t be stiff and unreasonable. They need to remember that we’re all in this together: They should always aspire to be the kindly driver lending her cell phone to a stranded motorist. With a more flexible, benevolent, enlightened spirit, and an “all for one and one for all” attitude, their accomplishments might be astronomical.

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