Capricorn Sun Aries Moon

Mind-power is your great strength; you know what you want, with an intellectual determination to get there, and no one is going to say you nay. You combine tact with a kind of vigorous invulnerability – a sort of Teddy Roosevelt diplomacy is your stock in trade – the diplomacy of the Big Stick – fear God and take your own part. You are fearless, and, while you will not compromise with truth, you know how to compromise with individuals. You can’t be bought, but you can find a way around a situation that will satisfy everyone, especially yourself. You are impatient, restless, nervous, but you have learned that it is expedient to control this and appear to play a waiting game, though you wait with the same intensity that a cat waits at a mouse hole, without relaxation of purpose. You are tense and high-strung. Your mind works always, and you are capable of brain feats that would exhaust a less determined person. As a matter of fact, they sometimes exhaust you, and you have to be careful of brain fag. You should learn moderation in work, in opinions, in forcefulness. You should learn that you don’t have to be harsh in order to be truthful, and that it isn’t necessary to hurt people’s feelings in order to keep faith with honor. You have a high sense of personal integrity, and you are very chary of your good name. Emotionally, you are touchy anyway; and being not especially romantic, give the impression of coldness to the feelings of others. You have to learn to get the other fellow’s point of view and to treat thin skins with gentleness. You are a fine executive, though you could stand a little more impersonality in dealing with people. When you are detached and cold you have the precision of a machine, but you can make people’s blood boil or run cold with a word or a look and so upset them that they can’t do a stroke of work for hours. This is a dangerous trait in an executive; look out for it.

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