Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon

You are sensitive and have plenty of insight into other people. You are intuitive and introspective, perhaps too introspective for your own good. If this sensitiveness is transferred to practical affairs you will rise as a manager of people, for you have a great deal of appeal to the masses, and can succeed either as an executive in business or as a writer or actor in the arts. You are domestic, very fond of your home, a good father or mother, husband or wife, willing to give and take in compromise, for you don’t like quarrels and bickerings and will give a good deal to avoid them. Even if you are personally unhappy, you have a way of concealing it to keep up appearances. You are rather secretive and can carry plans around with you for a long time, working at them in your own way for weeks without taking anyone into your confidence. You have a good deal of pride and a protective shell into which you crawl when your feelings are hurt. No one is ever likely to accuse you of wearing your heart on your sleeve. There is a slight danger that this habit of concealment will turn into introversion.

Your vitality is low and needs to be conserved. Avoid worry, touchiness, and anything which produces nervous tension, for this is destructive to you.

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