Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising

Are you ready for this? It’s a Capricorn with a sensitive touch and an obviously obliging concern for others—and on a good day, they’re even nurturing! These Capricorns are as in-charge as ever, but they have Cancer’s feel-their-way-along home and hearth quality that keeps them in good favor with a tightly-knit circle of family, friends, and colleagues. These fiercely loyal Capricorns are custodial towards the people that mean the most to them rather than endlessly competing with them or constantly chasing them with a big stick. Unless they’re dealing with a slacker: Their workaholic Cancer coupled with their “I’m paying attention to you” sundown birth makes them painfully aware of everyone’s contribution, and they’ve no truck with laziness. But they’ve a sensitive touch and a visible willingness to be fair, especially with people who make a legitimate contribution and pull their own weight. Cautious Cancer is helpful and non-confrontational, and their dinnertime birth gives them the ability to see others as equals. They’re ideal bosses for productive workers.

As always with Cancer, there’s a full-blown thrifty-nickel here, and possibly a constant nagging feeling that they’re going broke even when their finances are healthy and their cash-flow adequate. They easily get extremely preoccupied with their career responsibilities, especially if they like their work—and that takes their eye off the bottom line. This is when their unfounded fears about finances creep in. They’re practical in their outlook and not notably adventurous in spirit—at least until their financial security is intact. They won’t be going out on safari until this month’s books are tallied and next month’s schedule is completed. But as long as they broaden their perspective and identify and pursue their larger interests, they make themselves happy and successful, and with their obvious awareness of and concern for friends and loved ones they’re beloved and appreciated by all.

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