Capricorn Sun Capricorn Rising

As with all dawn births, the sun sign characteristics—both positive and negative—are more obvious and somewhat intensified here, making objectivity indispensable. If they deviate from the principles of respect, responsibility, loyalty, and trustworthiness, these Capricorns almost never succeed. Their destiny just doesn’t allow them to cut corners. It’s when they’re organized and competent that they impress the boss and get what they want—and Capricorns are supposed to know that! Whether they’re children obeying their parents or local managers satisfying the big boys at corporate headquarters, the rewards come more easily if their behavior isn’t undermined by insensitivity, pessimism, or an overly sour disposition.

These Capricorns go by the book, whether it’s the Holy Bible or the NASA manual. They work well in any business-is-business environment. They believe in rank and file and they march along accordingly, which serves them well for as long as they don’t go overboard, appearing callous and a bit of the slave-driver. They need to remember that flexibility and compromise are functional. Whether they’re managing a plant, teaching in a classroom, or manning a Navy destroyer, consideration and cooperation are always better strategies than jealousy and opposition. If they remember this, their chosen loyalties and willing underlings will work together to put them in the front office with a calm, cool, and collected, widely recognized mastery—with a wall of honorary plaques and trophies to boot.

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