Capricorn Sun Gemini Rising

An “icing on the cake” sincere and glib personality is a fine fit for these Wise Old Goats; they become more disarming and approachable, with lots to say. These Capricorns are those wonderfully communicative people who are always willing to share the reasons behind their decisions, leaving no room for confusion or resentment. There’s an open mind, open dialogue, and open-door policy at work here. Being Capricorns, they still love to be the boss and they’re always in charge, but Gemini brings more flexibility and a willingness to hear others’ ideas rather than rule with an iron fist. Jitterbug Gemini’s chattiness makes these people a lot more open than other Capricorns—everyone stays on the same page because there’s more sharing, and that improves the team effort. In this way, these Capricorns endear themselves to their underlings and overcome a good deal of that make-everything-difficult negativity that often accompanies their sun sign. As a matter of fact, they’re often adept at using words to create a favorable impression. They know the power of benign misinformation, and they’re skilled at using it in the most fortuitous circumstances without letting on that they’re following a calculated Capricorn plan. And no one’s the wiser—and there’s no resentment!—because everyone’s purpose is served. How’s that for win-win silver-tongued Gemini slickness?

These people are great schoolteachers; their Gemini instruction and Capricorn discipline work wonderfully in the classroom. They communicate openly with their students, helping them make the connection between their classroom education and the ways of the world. As managers, they do the same, making it clear to their underlings how today’s behavior will affect tomorrow’s outcome. These people prefer to be in charge of their own domain. They don’t respond well to being positioned under someone’s thumb. They want authority for themselves as well as the opportunity to put their own thoroughly thought-out ideas into practice, knowing that they’re usually right on. They’re also apt to be great salespeople, peddling their wares with a productive glibness. And, finally, many self-employed truck-drivers who love the back-and-forth, here-and-there nature of their work are Capricorns with Gemini rising.

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