Capricorn Sun Leo Moon

One of the combinations for public authority, a vigorous and vital personality capable of great popularity and of success in the practical world, either through business, the professions, or public life.

The strong personality, with its ability to make friends among powerful people and subordinates alike, rises into a position of authority and influence. Your inner drive is concentrated by an insuperable will; your impatience is curbed under the yoke of expediency; you know how to be aggressive and diplomatic at the right times and in the right manner; you have that sort of aloofness and detachment that makes you seem important even before you really may be. You believe in yourself and translate your belief to others; you aren’t seeking self-justification but rather self-realization, and since the good of the world and worldly authority mean much to you, you seek self-realization along those lines.

You are a materialist. The abstract, the philosophic, the visionary, have no particular appeal to you. Your loyalty is to individuals rather than to ideas, and the chief individual is yourself. You are sincere but capable of veering if policy dictates. Emotionally, you are ardent but not warm-hearted. You have a kind of detached and impersonal passion, as if you could take it or leave it alone. You have, like Cassius, a lean and hungry look, for your nervous and physical energies keep you pretty well on the go. Your health is fair, but you can keep yourself going on nerve force when the vitality runs low, which it frequently does. You should learn to relax, sleep, rest, and take it easy. In relaxation, also, you will find that you develop to a greater degree the qualities of real human warmth which otherwise are insufficiently developed. You have a machine-like precision which people admire, and, if you develop a warmer attitude toward others, you will find that your progress is materially helped by the affection you will gain. Try to add to your prestige by love, rather than by fear and authority, and the two qualities, working together, will open wider vistas of success to you.

Grant Lewi

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