Capricorn Sun Libra Moon

You have a kind of inspirational faith in your own infallibility which can make you merely an eccentric, a dogmatist, a rigid and inflexible personality, or can carry you to the heights if you combine your self-assurance with the will to action. You are something of a fighter and must overcome a tendency to touchiness and quarrelsomeness. You have a visionary and imaginative viewpoint on many things, and unless you have terrific drive, people will merely think you strange.

Your emotional and intellectual concepts get mixed up with each other. You believe for a fact what you feel emotionally, and yet become hopelessly involved through gullibility when your suspicions aren’t working. When they are working, you tend to alienate people. This is a rather difficult position and your chief lesson is to give up some of your ideas and some of your independence in compromise with the world as it is. Your success will come through ability to compromise, both with people and with ideas; and in proportion as you learn cooperation you will achieve success.

Grant Lewi

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