Capricorn Sun Libra Rising

Like few other combinations, Capricorns with Libra rising know how to take care of business and keep things humming while everyone’s treated equitably. All parties are satisfied, happy, and coming back for more. They start out trying to please everybody and do a better job at it than any combination in the zodiac. Likable Libra’s best foot forward warms these Capricorns, giving them social skills and an eye for what’s fair, so their compromise leads to a profitable bargain every time. They’re superb dealmakers!

Their midnight birth also adds a home and hearth quality that serves to take the starch out of their brusque Capricorn attitude, so as overseers they’re less high-handed and more hands-on; Libra enjoys mingling at all levels. They make a good impression with friendly—but right-on-target-small talk and a tasteful appearance. There’s a lot of patience here, too, though not the kind that allows a person to sit calmly in a waiting room for hours on end. These folks are energetic, but they do understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day. They’ve a “tomorrow’s another day” sort of patience that allows them to bide their time during a corporate turnaround or wait for the best loan rate when purchasing a car. Their Capricorn “goes around, comes around” gives them that sensibility But in their personal lives these Capricorns need to avoid being too long-suffering with people who don’t affect their lives in a positive way. Libra’s “I don’t want to be alone” tendencies get in the way here, and they sometimes put up with bad behavior beyond reason. As managers, they’re slow to dismiss unproductive employees, especially if they did the hiring themselves. In these cases, they feel that the employee’s shortcomings are a poor reflection on their Capricorn good judgment; they wonder why they didn’t see the problem coming from the beginning. This is usually an erroneous self-criticism, but even when it’s legitimate it’s still water under the bridge. They need to cut their losses and move along. When the people they presently depend on let them down time after time, they need to deal with it and welcome new faces. Their respectful consideration will certainly earn them their success, but to expedite the process they may sometimes need to be less forgiving and move on when situations are not beneficial.

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