Capricorn Sun Pisces Moon

You are highly aware of your world, especially of the seriousness and sorrows of people. You have an insight into their hearts and lives which seems intuitive. You are a moralist and a humanitarian; you think in terms of the whole mass of society with a real personal feeling for the underprivileged. Through the development of this quality and your own insight and sympathetic understanding you can go far and achieve considerable respect and love. You are not interested in power, but rather in the obscure things you can do to help. You have the real spirit of charity and detachment, preferring to give in secret. Your kindnesses will never be shouted from the housetops – not, at least, by you. Your satisfactions in life are personal, spiritual, internal; for you have a keen sense of soul values, and the real worth, the real person, the real idea, appeals to you rather than the superficial acclaim or glitter that takes the shallower mind. This is likely to make you a little lonely, but it also can bring you outstanding success and personal satisfaction in any of the social sciences, medicine, nursing, institutional work, detective work, or teaching. You are a deep, careful, and understanding student and can go far through intellectual endeavor.

You have a true love for justice and equity in human relations and the ability to detach yourself from personal considerations. Your sensitiveness, instead of making for self-pity and a sense of your own woes, transfers itself to sympathy with and understanding for others. You assume responsibilities so readily that you are likely to be imposed upon, but you consider it no more than right that you should take them. You have a true feeling for noblesse oblige and will be found wherever there is something you can do for someone less fortunate than yourself. Only look out that this bent doesn’t lead you to marry someone to reform him (her). That never works.

Grant Lewi

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