Capricorn Sun Pisces Rising

There’s more watery emotion here with gentle Pisces rising, and a sensitive Pisces personality provides the Capricorn ego with a light touch flexibility that many Capricorns lack; these people are both respectful and peaceful, with an unassuming attitude. They’re richly talented, sometimes delicate, and highly multi-faceted, and their ability to listen makes them superb administrators. They’re the bosses with an open-door policy. Their underlings are always free to speak their minds, though they might not always get a response; they’re likely to walk away scratching their heads, saying “I wonder what SHE thinks!” Yet even though they don’t always react or share their thoughts on matters at hand, Capricorns with Pisces rising are still pretty easy to work for. Their silence means they’re happy with the work. They believe in the people they’ve hired, and they give them a long leash as well as the space they need to get the job done their own way. And their strategy works because these Capricorns possess such a sensitive radar that they detect troublemakers and avoid hiring people who will fall down on the job or make unnecessary waves. That’s why they’re in good stead with their superiors!

But it’s Peaceful Pisces’ fear of disapproval that might cause problems here. As long as they keep an objective eye on themselves, all is well. They’ll diligently carry out their responsibilities, remaining in good stead with their superiors, asking for only a modest reward. But the key is confidence. There’s no real reason for these people to be pessimistic about their ability to impress the board of directors. Yet some fear always lingers: That’s delicate Pisces, the Cosmic Traveler. Even though they’re not the boss and probably don’t want to be, they still understand what the boss expects—and they’re responsible enough to deliver every time.

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